Orleans Hub pageviews topped 8.3 million in 2022

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 1 January 2023 at 8:07 pm

Article on Tillman’s closing from Dec. 30, 2021 most viewed article for second year in a row

Photo by Tom Rivers: A girl waves an American flag while the Medina Alumni Marching Band performed and marched up East Center Street to State Street Park for the Memorial Day observance on May 30. The Medina community lined the parade route in the return of the Memorial Day parade after it was downsized in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid restrictions.

The Orleans Hub totaled 8,352,422 pageviews in 2022. That’s an average of about 700,000 a month. The Hub also averaged 8,452 daily users in 2022.

The totals are down from the previous two years when Covid pandemic news included frequent updates on closings and restrictions. With things returning somewhat back to normal this year, the Hub’s traffic is back to near pre-pandemic levels.

Here the stats on pageviews and daily users in other years since the Orleans Hub started on April 1, 2013.

  • 2022: 8,352,422 – average daily unique visitors: 8,452
  • 2021: 9,853,855 – average daily unique visitors: 9,195
  • 2020: 10,932,597 – average daily unique visitors: 9,956
  • 2019: 9,556,253 – average daily unique visitors: 8,529
  • 2018: 8,467,818 – average daily unique visitors: 7,463
  • 2017: 8,553,605 – average daily unique visitors: 7,884
  • 2016: 8,334,946 – average daily unique visitors: 7,112
  • 2015: 7,811,345 – average daily unique visitors: 6,739
  • 2014: 5,267,498 – average daily unique visitors: 4,700
  • 2013: 1,697,887 – average daily unique visitors: 2,100 (went live April 1)

The 10 most-viewed are typically stories about crime and tragedy, or the closing of a beloved local business.

For the second straight year the most viewed article was the closing of Tillman’s Village Inn. That article was posted on Dec. 30, 2021. It was widely shared for several days on social media throughout Western New York and among former residents who have moved away. The article got a lot of views in early January 2022.

Here are the 10 most-viewed articles in 2022:

1. After 70 years Tillman closing Village Inn today – ‘We will miss you and never forget you.’

2. Man drowns after falling into canal in Albion

3. 18-year-old female killed when struck by car Saturday night in Gaines

4. Medina PD says multiple suspects taken into custody

5. 18-year-old from Medina killed in Royalton car accident

6. Orleans County issues travel ban, declares state of emergency 

7. Medina man among 4 killed in Royalton collision

8. 28 residents forced to leave Holley Hotel after building deemed unsafe

9. Middleport woman’s name released in fatal Hartland accident

10. 1 person dies in Shelby fire, another taken by Mercy Flight

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