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Assembly candidate opposes abortion and wants laws to respect life

Posted 17 October 2018 at 12:59 pm


Abortion is murder. It is an act of tyranny sanctioned by government.

In 1973 the US Supreme Court ruled, “the decision concerning when to terminate the pregnancy is to be made between the woman and her doctor.”

After Roe vs. Wade, society instantly turned it back on the plight of infants born as a consequence of a premature termination of a pregnancy. New York State laws actually prevented doctors, nurses, and the public from providing for and caring for these babies. Nurses cried as babies were literally left to die on a shelf. Some were even dumped upside down in a bucket of water so they would not suffer death because of exposure and starvation. Our government turned its back on this crisis.

When the NYS Legislature failed to act, doctors devised their own solution. They simply changed their procedures. To terminate the pregnancy, they would make sure the fetus (which was the term used to refer to a live baby inside a mother’s womb) was dead. Thus, with saline injections, suction, and many other gruesome procedures babies died.

The premature termination of pregnancies began to mimic what is known as an abortion. The “termination of the pregnancy upon demand” came to be called an “abortion.” The US Supreme court did not sanction the slaughter of babies – not inside and not outside of the woman’s womb.

Our laws since have since focused only on minimizing the visibility of the slaughter taking place. Clearly, as a society we can do better.

Here are three definitions I live by:

Abortion is murder. It requires the death of the child. It is an act of abandonment of the child when the child is most vulnerable. It is an act tyranny sanction by the state.

Pro-choice pertains to the termination of the pregnancy. I believe women should have the right to choose when to terminate the pregnancy. But keep in mind, the US Supreme court did not authorize the killing of babies (fetuses).

Pro-life is the focus on the health and care of the mother, both before and after the termination of the pregnancy, and the care of the baby when the pregnancy is terminated prematurely. It is not just “anti-abortion.”

We can do better for both mothers and their children. Our laws should be changed to reflect a respect for life. We should be willing to incur whatever expense is necessary to save the baby’s life when a pregnancy is prematurely terminated. As it was stated to me once, “We should be harvesting babies, not body parts.” I agree!

When I am your Assemblyman, I will work to end this tyranny. I will work to make New York State a pro-choice, pro-life state.

On November 6th, start at the bottom of the ballot. Look for the Statue of Liberty. Then look for and vote for Mark Glogowski for Assembly.

Let’s end the tyranny!  Vote Libertarian.

Mark E Glogowski


Libertarian Candidate

139th Assembly District

Our Letters Policy

Posted 17 October 2018 at 7:30 am

We appreciate input from our readers, and we publish letters to the editor without charge. While open speech and responsibility are encouraged, comments may be rejected if they are purely a personal attack, offensive or repetitive. Comments are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Orleans Hub. Although care is taken to moderate comments, we have no control over how they are interpreted and we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of comments and the rationality of the opinions expressed. We reserve the right to edit letters for content and brevity. Please limit letters to no more than 500 words and provide your name, telephone number, mailing address and a verifiable email address for verification purposes. Letters should be emailed to

Murray residents urged to support Sidonio on Conservative line

Posted 16 October 2018 at 8:38 pm


Voters in Murray, you have a chance to show the good old boys’ club that you are paying attention while, at the same time, keeping your voice on the Town Board by voting for Joe Sidonio.

He is a person who truly puts the people of Murray ahead of the party. That is why the Republican party ran their “pick” against Joe in the primary. If you care about your voice being heard in the town, vote for Joe on the Conservative line.

Ken Longer


Member of Orleans County Conservative Party Committee

Deeper analysis of comments on DPS website show councilman’s flawed analysis

Posted 16 October 2018 at 3:03 pm


Yates Councilman John Riggi continues to deceive the public and manipulate data regarding the Lighthouse Wind Project (LWP) proposal in the Towns of Somerset and Yates. According to his latest post, “Yates councilman says…” on 7th October, he claims to have performed “an empirical assessment of public comments made to the DPS website” between “January 1, 2015 through September 30, 2018.”

The New York State Department of Public Service – Public Comments section is not a quantifiable survey or “voting” mechanism.

Having questioned Mr. Riggi’s previous posts here on, without response…  Having listened to Mr. Riggi manipulate data regarding bird mortality at the Yates’ Town Board meeting in September…  Having heard his question about a supposed “concrete leaching” threat read and answered unequivocally at the Apex presentation in Lyndonville…  Having read numerous comments and public postings questioning the validity and integrity of two other surveys recently conducted….

I decided to examine the DPS data itself.

Since the first Public Comment on November 3rd, 2014, there have been 1,508 submissions to DPS Comment No. 1642 on Oct. 12, 2018. Mr. Riggi claims there were 1,483 “votes” through 3rd Quarter 2018, and 26 “votes” were submitted since his accounting… 1,508 versus 1,509. This confirms Mr. Riggi’s input data is well defined and consists of only public comments on the DPS website.

All comments were read and “vote” ascertained. Less than 5 were excluded for lack of position clarity.

There are 750 “Unique Submission Names,” indicating 750 “votes” should be considered.  Impartial surveys should attempt to minimize double voting in order to be credible.

If the DPS Public Comments are to be a measure of public support, even though this is not the intention of the DPS website at all – holding an election, I have omitted votes/voters for the following 3 reasons;

1) elected or government officials,

2) any agency or group claiming to represent voices of others, and

3) employees/representatives of vested interests; i.e., APEX Clean Energy.

Results of “Votes” removed…


Unknown –  1

Agency  –  20

Somerset or Yates Reps  –  65

Niagara/Orleans or State Reps –  7

Apex  –  1

As the DPS does not consider elected officials “public,” something Councilman Riggi knows, given he is listed in the DPS Party List, as are most other, but not all, elected officials, he should have excluded these “votes” himself.  He has not.

There are now roughly 1,400 votes.

For each “unique submission names” identified above, each was examined over time to locate that person’s first submission. It was registered as a “vote” in support or opposition accordingly. All “votes” after the first submission for each person have been excluded.

This resulted in 596 “votes,” not the 1,500 confirmed above.

Here are the results of a “One Person, One Vote” tabulation;

Number of Submissions  –  1,508

Support/Opposition Unknown  –  0

Unique Submission Names  –  708

Unique Family Names   –  431

Unique 1 Person, 1 Vote Submissions  –  596

In Support  –  199  (33.4%)

In Opposition  –  397  (66.6%)

All eligible submissions, including repeat “votes” were organized by date, in a manner consistent with Mr. Riggi “survey” results.

Here are the results.

One Person, One Vote

Quarter         Support      Oppose         Support

4Q14               0                      1                      0%

1Q15               0                      32                    0%

2Q15               0                      49                    0%

3Q15               26                    60                    30%

4Q15               54                    62                    47%

1Q16               22                    40                    35%

2Q16               0                      7                      0%

3Q16               12                    18                    40%

4Q16               1                      3                      25%

1Q17               0                      6                      0%

2Q17               0                      29                    0%

3Q17               4                      8                      33%

4Q17               9                      4                      69%

1Q18               16                    18                    47%

2Q18               2                      8                      20%

3Q18               51                    47                    52%

4Q18               0                      7                      0%

Totals              197                  399                  n/a

Repeated Votes

Quarter         Support     Oppose     Excluded        Totals

4Q14               0                 0                0                      1

1Q15               0                  9                6                      47

2Q15               0                 36              8                      93

3Q15               9                 70               7                     172

4Q15              8                  112             11                    247

1Q16               12                 75              23                  172

2Q16               1                  21               7                     36

3Q16               9                  45              5                     89

4Q16              0                   17               6                    27

1Q17               0                   18              1                     25

2Q17               1                   34             5                     69

3Q17              1                    11              2                      26

4Q17              15                    15            4                     47

1Q18              19                    47            4                     104

2Q18              7                      78            7                     102

3Q18               20                  104           7                    229

4Q18              1                      12              1                    21

Totals              103               704           104               1,507

In real terms, only 103 Support “repeat votes” were submitted in stark contrast to 704 Oppose “repeat votes.” Repeat OPPOSE submissions occurred 7 times as often as repeat SUPPORT submissions.

Reading multiple letters recently in the Orleans Hub, where opposition parties claim irregularities within 2 other surveys conducted recently showing a roughly 50/50 split in Support versus Opposition, we all must be made aware the only other “survey” conducted and promoted, as seen on countless Save Ontario Shore’s signs, “Survey says…” is in fact the numbers and results published by Councilman Riggi from data obtained from the NYS DPS “Public Comment” section.

Analysis of the “One Person, One Vote” data over time, although not showing overall Support for Lighthouse Wind Project exceeds that in Opposition, does reveal the data trend in Support is growing.

Councilman Riggi’s analysis of DPS “Public Comments” is extremely flawed. “Public Comments” are not “votes” and were not intended to be used as data for “surveys” as the Councilman has done and Save Ontario Shores has embraced and promoted his (their?) “results” publicly.

Save Ontario Shores’ “Survey says…” signs, require modification to read…

“One Person One Vote Surveys Say… Opposition is Greatly Exaggerated!”

Hans Hyde,


Barker High School graduate

Collins returns to campaign trail to benefit himself

Posted 16 October 2018 at 10:37 am


Let’s not be fooled – Chris Collins is selectively back on the campaign trail for one reason and one reason only – Chris Collins!

Collins isn’t campaigning to represent the people of NY-27. He has never concerned himself with anyone other than himself, his family, his investors and his donors. Any thought that Collins’ campaign to return to Congress to do the work of the people is foolish.

That Collins, on the advice of his criminal attorneys, has decided to hit the campaign trail is disingenuous. The reality is that Collins will stroll into various select safe havens, Republican booster clubs and candidate affairs, VFWs and of course, gun clubs. You won’t find him where the average working men and women, single moms, seniors or students are to be found.

Collins will make his grand appearance, genuflect to the altar of the most corrupt administration in American history, attack his opponent and leave.

In contrast, Nate McMurray has been all over the district meeting voters of all stripes. By all accounts Nate is a decent, well-educated, family man; a credible Congressional candidate who has been out among the voters all across the 27th district for months, not accepting the kind of corporate money that Collins shills for. And Collins refuses to debate – no surprise. You will remember that Collins would not attend a student-led forum after the Parkland shootings.

The reality is that Collins needs something to offer prosecutors in return for his guilty plea in an effort to stay out of prison. His seat in Congress, our seat in Congress, is his bargaining chip.

Should Collins be elected he will trade his seat, and our representation, for a plea deal, leaving our district without representation in the House during a very turbulent time in our history. But we are used to being unrepresented in this district.

Paul McQuillen


Now is prime time for dogwood trees

Posted 15 October 2018 at 8:12 pm


Mid-October and mid-May are “prime time” for white dogwood trees. Their Fall color is about as sweet as foliage gets, and their Spring blossoms are nearly impossible to miss against their otherwise bare branches.

Of course, they also sport bright red berries which become more noticeable as their leaves fall. These fruits are a favorite of many birds.

Thanks to the efforts of volunteers—including A.C.S. students doing community service—Albion is graced with numerous examples of cornus florida. They provide a glimpse of what trees can mean to a community if given a chance.

Fall is the time to prune most trees—dogwoods included. Before doing so, it is wise to check for proper pruning techniques. Dogwoods benefit from mulching, and special care should be taken to avoid hitting them with line trimmers and other things that may damage their bark.

During prolonged dry periods it is advisable to make sure dogwoods have enough water.  Special thanks to volunteers such as Larie Vagg, who have shepherded many Village of Albion dogwoods through the first 15 years of their existence.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent


Vote for the Republican candidate for governor, despite strong campaign by Libertarian

Posted 15 October 2018 at 10:02 am


Friends, no matter what you think about Marc Molinaro’s message, and no matter what you think about his choice for Lt. Governor, we have to get behind him and support him by voting for him in the General Election.

You may like the message of the Libertarian candidate and his Lt. Governor choice better, but history shows that a third-party candidate distracts primarily from the Republican side.

The Democrats don’t seem to be hurt by third-party candidates. Liberals, like the third-party challenges as those from Perotites and Libertarians, knowing full well that it will help the re-election of their left-wing Democrat incumbent namely “America was never that Great” Andrew “the Egotistical Bully” Cuomo.

No matter what the weather or the circumstances, get out to vote for Marc Molinaro.

We won’t know how you voted but by the records at the Board of Elections, we can find out if you made the effort. In obtaining signatures on petitions from some people, they talk like they get out and vote, but the records state otherwise. This is real serious business this year, and if we don’t want another four years of Cuomo, we had better treat it as such.

Allen Lofthouse


(Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party)

Article 10 process has pulled small towns apart, creating dissension

Posted 15 October 2018 at 7:44 am


Article 10 was created to allow for energy production in areas where more energy is in demand. We in WNY have plenty of energy. The grid is not using all the energy now being created in this area.

Why then are towns being pulled apart and dissension created among family, friends and neighbors?

Greed and money seem to drive wind turbine companies at all cost. The devil at work with subsidy money from the State and Federal Government!

Taxpayers’ money is being wasted. It takes thousands of pounds of fossil fuel to build a turbine and thousands more to keep each one operational. No clean air here!

William Nacca


Collins would be a lame-duck congressman if re-elected

Posted 14 October 2018 at 1:09 pm


Republicans, wake up!  Congressman Collins’ “Best-money-can-buy” lawyers have stalled his trial to at least 2020.  (Advice to “Lyin’ Chris”: Just tell the truth.)

If elected, Collins would serve a lame-duck term. If he did finally resign, the party bosses would control the nomination at a special election. (Recall how the now indicted Assemblyman Errigo substituted for the shamed Bill Nojay.)

Republicans: make a moral stand and skip Collins’ name on the ballot; maybe you could show real courage and vote for McMurray. The 2020 election would then be about real options: candidates chosen in open and free primaries and slightly more truthful and non-indicted choices.

Think about it; make a stand.

Gerard M. Morrisey


Yates, Somerset need to stay on guard from wind developer’s promises

Posted 12 October 2018 at 10:57 am


There is a power struggle taking place in Somerset and Yates regarding those who support the Lighthouse Wind project and the majority who oppose it. It is interesting to watch how Apex reps are doing it using age-old tactics.

It seems that they’re taking a few pointers from Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, a handbook that illustrates how to get, and maintain power. Take Greene’s Rule #12: “Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim. One sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest ones. Open-hearted gestures of honesty and generosity bring down the guard of even the most suspicious people. Once your selective honesty opens a hole in their armor, you can deceive and manipulate them at will. A timely gift.. a Trojan horse….”

Apex has this one down. A free hot dog, a pig roast, a fireworks donation, a new sign, suggestions of lower taxes, or even magically no town taxes at all! Free garbage collection! Apex is aware that they need to divert attention from the destruction of the fabric of these two towns. Will these “Trojan horses” get us to ignore the reasons we want to live here? Is this enough distraction for us to forget our peaceful rural neighborhoods, the abundance of birds and wildlife, our starry night skies, our eagle sightings?

At the Oct. 2 presentation, Apex’s Paul Williamson suggested that this developer would help the towns spend whatever money they receive and develop them into a “high value area to live and work.” Interesting that Apex is using Greene’s Rule #9: “promising nebulous reward………” Have you seen the booming metropolis of Sheldon, NY? Here’s a wind turbine facility about 45 miles south of Yates, which Apex loves to use as an example of what wind turbines bring to a town. I’ve been there. Not exactly my idea of a “high value area to live and work.”

I have not been sufficiently distracted by Apex’s promises. I have watched a videotape of a Town Board meeting in Arkwright, NY, where the residents have just now realized that their wind developer lied about the noise, lights, and destruction they’d witness from 36 IWTs. Only two weeks into the operation of their project, residents were up in arms at their Town Board meeting on Sept. 10. As they complain to the town officials they are met with the reply, “What do you want us to do about it?” (Click here to watch) Their only recourse now that they are living with this, residents say, is to warn other towns about what really happens when industrial turbines are installed. It’s too late for them.

What does Williamson mean by “high value area” anyway? In my mind, we have one very “high value area” in Golden Hill State Park. Nothing shows Apex’s disdain for us more than placing eight turbines across the road from an historic lighthouse. Imagine eager visitors arriving to sleep in their tents and campers. Instead of hearing waves, they are treated to thumps, and blinking lights all night. For the next 30 years. Tourist attraction or detraction? “High value” or “Devalued”?

How about clean energy? How about renewable energy? Forget the need for construction. Forget the bulldozers and the habitat destruction. We can preserve our rural communities and keep fossil fuels out. We already have it in the hydropower produced in Niagara Falls, the fourth largest hydro-generating plant in the whole United States. In 2017, it contributed 25% of the electricity generated in New York State, with a capacity of 2,675 Mw at a minimum of 85% efficiency. Apex’s grand plan is for 197.4 Mw, operating at best at only 30% efficiency. Besides cost in dollars, Apex’s Lighthouse Wind will come at a terrible permanent environmental and human health cost as well.

Apex continues to weasel its way through its misleading materials through the mail. Their postcards attempt to minimize the hideous look of huge industrial wind turbines either by partially concealing them behind bucolic barns, or by attempting to romanticize them. Their October 2 presentation was standard American Wind Energy Association (wind developer lobby group) and wind profiteer handbook material. We heard how they will turn the turbines off, or down, to mitigate bird kill. Can they afford to turn them off at night, as they promise, during the high bird migration months of July and August? Or will they be turned on to produce the summer’s high-need electricity? Which is it?

I know there are some who also possess power. It’s the inner strength to resist the smooth talk and promises. I am referring to the two large landowners in Yates, and those few in Somerset, who did not sign leases. My admiration and appreciation for them is boundless.

I, along with most of the residents of Somerset and Yates and both Town Boards, respectfully request once again that Apex move on, go home, and leave us to revitalize our towns in a manner consistent with our character. We too have power and we will use that power with honesty and integrity to defeat Apex’s attempt to turn our towns into an industrial wasteland.


Susan E. Dudley


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