Winterguard groups put on amazing show at Medina

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 March 2019 at 8:00 pm

Photos by Tom Rivers

MEDINA – Andrea Grant and other members of the Magic of Scout House put on a high-energy show on Saturday at Medina, when 14 winterguard groups performed during Medina’s annual show, “Colorburst.”

Magic of Scout House is based in Kitchener, Ontario, and did a tribute to “Women Who Rock,” which included some of the most iconic rock songs by women. They were one of 14 groups to perform at Medina. Tammy Piccinetti acts as the lead singer to start the routine.

Madison Cairney performs with Magic of Scout House. The show features “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, “Call Me” by Blondie, “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar and “So What” by Pink. Magic of Scout House was first in the Senior Class with 74.27.

Magic of Scout House includes adults who love the winter guard competition. They had the crowd on their feet with the hard-charging routine. This is the guard’s fifth year of competition.

Jenny Hope brings lots of attitude to the group.

Prizm is a group of youth ages 7 to 14 from Hamilton, Ontario. They performed to the music, “Praying” by Kesha.

Prizm members are in sync in their routine. Prizm was third in the RA Class with 67.63. In that class, Medina JV was first with 70.42; Eastridge, second with 68.75; and Corning-Painted Post, fourth with 65.35.

Hinsdale is ready to perform a show called “Claustrophobia.” Music was “Arena” by Lindsey Sterling.

Hinsdale concludes its program. The school was second in the A1 Class with 66.39.

Marcus Whitman performed “Faithfully” by Journey. They were third in the A1 Class with 62.19 points.

Gates Chili titled its program, “I Just Want to Ride My Bike” with music by Queen, Mark Ronson & the Business International, and Pink Floyd.

Gates Chili was first in the A1 Class with 69.38 points.

Sapphire Winterguard, a student-run college guard at Geneseo, performed “Enchanted,” with music by Taylor Swift. The team is in its fifth season of competing. The group was second in the Senior Class with 61.45 points.

Corning-Painted Post performed “If I Ain’t Got You.” The show had a message that the quest for money and material things can be all-consuming. Having friends and family to share it with gives life meaning.

Corning-Painted Post was the champion of the A1 division last year for the Northeast Color Guard Circuit, winning the title for the first time.

CPP competes in the same division as Medina and just edged the host on Saturday in the SA Class. Corning-Painted Post was first with 79.82, just ahead of Medina, second with 78.95.

Destiny Jones performs for Medina, which titled its show, “I Can Only Imagine.” For more photos of the Medina performance, click here.

Medina will next compete on March 16 in Jamestown, March 23 in Corning and the championships on March 30 at the Gates Chili High School.

The Heritage Hurricanes are in their second season in the exhibition division. Some of their members have disabilities. The group is based through Heritage Christian Services in Rochester. Melissa Jaeger, a Medina graduate, is director of the Hurricanes. She participated in the winterguard and band when she was at Medina.

The Hurricanes are competing at two Winterguard events this year: Medina and the championships at Gates Chili on March 30.

The scores on Saturday include:


Medina Pony Guard, first with 56.15


Gates Chili, first with 57.09

RA Class:

Medina JV, first with 70.42; Eastridge, second with 68.75; Prizm, third with 67.63; and Corning-Painted Post, fourth with 65.35.

A1 Class:

Gates Chili, first with 69.38; Hinsdale, second with 66.39; and Marcus Whitman, third with 62.19.

SA Class:

Corning-Painted Post, first with 79.82; and Medina, second with 78.95.

Senior Class:

Magic of Scout House, first with 74.27; and Geneseo, second with 61.45.

Exhibit Class:

Heritage Hurricanes

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