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Posted 7 November 2020 at 7:00 am

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Ridgeway residents urged to consider running for an elected town position

Posted 17 January 2021 at 8:48 am


We, the members of the Town of Ridgeway Republican Committee, believe that social and political issues are as important at our local level as at the state or national levels. Day to day, the decisions of your Town Board, who are your friends and neighbors, impact all of us more than national politics.

Both young and old in our community have knowledge to share about what should happen in our own backyard. Your fresh ideas and insights can affect change for the better. The process to get involved is simple, and your local Board of Elections or Political Committee can help.

2021 positions up for election in Ridgeway include: two Town Board seats, Town Clerk, and Highway Superintendent. Because the current Town Clerk chooses not to seek re-election, nominations are particularly needed for that position. Although incumbents often run unopposed, your candidacy is welcome as part of our democratic system.

Local Democrat and Republican Party committees conduct interviews and endorse candidates based on how their views align with the party’s. While candidates secure a place on the ballot through party endorsement, anyone can run as an independent if you feel your views don’t align with a party.

The Town Board meets two evenings a month – first an organizational meeting, and then a board meeting. Both are public forums.  Board members are charged with determining the town’s direction. Current issues include the introduction of solar panels in the town, managing the town budget amid the pandemic, and ensuring local Fire Departments have the resources to provide necessary services.

Our Town Board website affirms that we are a small town with heart, a township that has much to offer, and just a friendly, hometown community. As the Town of Ridgeway Republican Committee, we encourage you to step up and be a part of your town’s future.


The Town of Ridgeway Republican Committee

Laura Olinger (585) 733-9602

Ken Baker

Charlie Smith

Ayesha Kreutz

Virginia Nicholson

Dawn Meland

Gary Lawton

Steve Bunch

Matt Kreutz

Melody Parker

Kevin Bogan

Amanada Kroening

Nancy Traxler

Steve Songer

Mary Hare

Jacobs failed constituents in giving credence to unproven election fraud claims

Posted 16 January 2021 at 11:18 am


Congressman Chris Jacobs in a press conference stated: “I have not said in this discussion at all, definitively, there is fraud because I don’t have the information for that. But the issue was it caused a lot of questions.”

So Mr. Jacobs has no evidence for his statement that several states made “unprecedented changes to their electoral systems without the authorization of their respective state legislatures as the Constitution dictates.”

Mr. Jacobs seems to be saying that there were allegations of voter fraud and that is why he opposed certification of the election. It needs to be emphasized again and again that all allegation of voter fraud came from Republicans, like Mr. Jacobs, to overturn a fair and free election.

Mr. Trump, his lawyers and sycophants would hold press conferences alleging fraud, but in court case after court case, times 60, there was no evidence of significant voter fraud. All 50 states certified their election results; that means that the results of the election are correct and all votes were counted correctly.

All 50 states said they were satisfied that there was no fraud that would overturn the election. Repeat, no evidence of voter fraud in 60 court cases and in all 50 states. Mr. Trump’s director of Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, Christopher Krebs, stated: “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.”

President Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr stated: “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” Despite evidence, fact and testimony from experts, Mr. Jacobs continued the mythology of voter fraud which was instigated by Republicans to create doubt about our election.

There was no allegation and no question of voter fraud outside of Republican mythology. It was a Republican-created myth, Mr. Jacobs, that provoked feelings of anger and aggression in people resulting in the mob insurrection we saw at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Mr. Jacobs you need to take responsibility for your part stirring up the MAGA riot. Stop trying to weasel out of your irresponsible statements and attempts to overthrow a free and fair election. Mitch McConnell stated: “Overturning the election, would damage our republic forever.”

Mr. Jacobs, there was no voter fraud, there is no question about the election and your actions threatened our democratic form of government. You should resign.

William Fine


Area continues to vote red and blame Cuomo, even thou region’s woes predate current governor

Posted 15 January 2021 at 4:28 pm


First, I would like to give credit to Mr. Harker for essentially republishing Mr. Shaw’s letter to the editor.

Having spent my entire life in rural Western New York, I have observed enough in my years to understand that politics and religion rarely function well together. This relationship often reveals the true hypocrisy that is often the root of the “holier than thou” attitude Mr. Harker speaks of.

Raised Catholic, I always found it odd that so many conservative Christians championed pro-life rhetoric and the care for unborn fetuses. Once that child was born, it needs to pull itself up by the bootstraps and better itself, just like the rugged Americans who came before it. A group that claims to be pro-life has its ranks filled with many who find the death penalty acceptable, are fine with placing kids in cages while depriving them of basic human rights, or labeling them as “bad hombres” and criminals if they attempt to escape violence and persecution in their homeland (and no this is not representative of all Christians).

Mr. Harker claims that he does not feel powerless, but in the same breath places the blame on New York’s economic woes on Andrew Cuomo. I wonder if Mr. Harker supports efforts to break Upstate New York away from New York City? A movement that is rooted directly in feeling voiceless and powerless in an increasingly liberal state.

I am old enough to recognize that Albion and parts of Orleans County look the same as they did twenty years ago. That the economic downturn of the rust belt predates Andrew Cuomo, yet the one enduring political aspect of our region is our commitment to voting red. So please do lecture us about the Democratic downward spiral of the state. We can always hang our collective hat on our esteemed recent history of Congressional Representatives:

Chris Jacobs of Delaware North and Boston Bruins family fame. A man who threatened the longevity of the US Postal Service because he could not tell the difference between the Yes and No buttons.

Chris Collins, the original Trump lackey convicted of insider trading, later resigning in shame, and later being pardon in greater shame.

Chris Lee, the esteemed Representative who resigned after soliciting a woman on Craigslist.

A rather impressive list of “common folk” who demonstrate good, Christian values I suppose? At least you didn’t elect that Marxist, Communist, Socialist Democrat Nate McMurray, right?

Mr. Harker steps forward to criticize Mr. Shaw’s quotation of Biblical verse. Despite the early verses being directed at slaves, husbands, and wives, it is not out of context as the final verses of 1 Peter 3 speak to all Christians. Peter calls Christians to unify around the way of Christ (not Chris), be sympathetic, love one another as family, demonstrate compassion, and be humble. I believe that is what strikes at the heart of Mr. Shaw’s letter.

In closing, it was not the weather that made me leave for North Carolina. It was not the taxes, nor the fear of losing my guns, nor Andrew Cuomo himself. A simple drive through the countryside, perhaps the flags that Mr. Shaw spoke of, encouraged the move.

Matthew Ballard

Statesville, NC (formerly Clarendon, NY)

Libertarian leader opposes Assembly bill to ban body armor

Posted 15 January 2021 at 11:19 am


I demand Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson, D-Newburgh, (104th Assembly District) withdraw his bill, A352, which seeks to ban body armor and make possession of body armor a felony. This bill would turn innocent residents into criminals and disproportionately harm marginalized peoples.

This bill is completely unnecessary. No harm is done to any individual or any property through the mere act of owning a body vest. There is no victim when someone wears one, so why make it illegal?

Assemblyman Jacobson is trying to create another victimless crime, for which innocent people will be branded as felons and be carted off to prison. Is sending people to rot in a cage for wearing protective gear really a progressive ideal?

This bill is shockingly tone-deaf. District 104 encompasses a diverse population, including people of marginalized identities. Unfortunately, the present socioeconomic conditions of this country put people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants, Muslims, autistic people, the disabled, and other marginalized peoples, as well as women, at an increased risk of encountering violence, and thus they have a greater need to have any and all tools at their disposal, including body vests, to help defend themselves.

This bill would take away a very useful tool for self-defense and make already vulnerable peoples more susceptible to violence perpetrated against them, including violence perpetrated by the state.

A352 exempts police officers from this ban. Why should cops, whose acts of abuse grabbed the headlines and sparked massive protests throughout the previous year, get to wear protective gear, while ordinary citizens are jailed for the same action? Since when are cops better than anyone else? In this country everyone is supposed to be afforded equal treatment before the law. Either everyone gets to have access to body armor or nobody does.

It’s also worth noting that should this bill become law, it will be more heavily enforced against people of color, just like gun control and drug laws. They will be at greater risk of arrest and will receive harsher sentences. I don’t think that’s the future of New York State progressives envisioned.

People have the right to defend themselves. Wearing a body vest is a harmless way to do so. Turning ordinary people into criminals is tyrannical. Bill A352 would do just that.

Assemblyman Jacobson, let the people protect themselves with body armor. Withdraw this bill at once!

Chase Tkach


Orleans Count Libertarian Party Chair

Citizens should use language carefully and know what they’re talking about

Posted 15 January 2021 at 8:03 am


This is a big week coming. An inauguration, as impeachment and an investigation into  insurrection. I respectfully submit we should focus on ourselves, language – how we use and it and what we listed to! Voltaire said, “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

The recent storming of the Capitol was done by a lot of misguided people. No one can get a mulligan for going into a restricted area, destroying federal property and/or threatening our elected officials. First, while I disagree with MAGA types some of them were not insurrectionists but simply were around because they believed some absurdities they had been told.

But more importantly were crazy QAnon Trump supporters who thought that Jan 6, 2021 was the “Storm” and it was time to kill Congressmen and install Trump as the permanent dictator.

Then, just as deranged, there was the ever present white supremacists and Bro Nazis who only care about overthrowing the US. They think there are hoards who will jump up and join them if they kill enough to be taken seriously. (Their new hero Trump let them out of the bottle which had held pretty well since 1995 when they killed hundreds of children in Oklahoma City.)

Who did what will have to be sorted out. And our Senate will have to decide what to do about President misleading them, summoning the crazy people amongst them to DC and telling them all to commit serious felonies and advance into a restricted security area – many openly and also illegally in a security area packing guns for a fight.

But really with an inauguration and a new start its gives us a moment to look at the words which inflamed many of these people and got them in this trouble. There are dozens of examples but I will write about socialism and free markets. Those are two of the many words I see thrown about without definition or understanding – absurdly inciting people over nothing here in the US!

The words Capitalism and the Free Market are great words when used correctly. The plain truth, however, is that the only “unregulated” “free market” is the underground Black Market! And the plain truth is that the only economic system that does not use capitalist economics is Communism!

Honestly, since the US makes it easy for a. hidden charges, b. false or misleading advertising, c. products with hidden problems, the US is a major violator when is permits skirting the rules of capitalism requiring transparency in order to accurately price what we buy.

The real debate is really who, what, where, when, why, how much and if we want to do any job properly.

Similarly, everyone knows that Switzerland is most capitalist country in the World! But the fact is that Obamacare is just a watered down version of the Swiss subsidized private insurance system. (Did not know that? Ha.)

While some say all people deserve access to health care others accurately point out that it’s also cheaper to have insurance than leaving people without any assistance at all. So what is the beef? The beef is so many on this and many other issues get taken in by people crying “wolf”.  In this case it led to people dying and others soon going to prison.

Speech is a powerful thing. To use it responsibly you have to know the subject matter. We are at a time with a new administration when I believe is time to listen and learn, not fight reflexive based on absurdities. Biden’s goal is to make the marketplace for everyone. That is not absurd.

Conrad F. Cropsey


Governor should see for himself the big internet gaps in Orleans, Niagara

Posted 14 January 2021 at 9:49 am


To Governor Cuomo, in your State of the State address you proclaim that 98% of New York State is covered by internet broadband.

I have driven every road in Orleans and Niagara County with Niagara County Legislator David Godfrey. We are members of the Niagara-Orleans Regional Alliance (NORA) spearheading broadband connectivity throughout both counties. NORA has mapped every single address point with the excellent help of our county Planning Departments, proving coverage is lacking by a minimum of 20%.

Governor Cuomo, please visit our rural areas and see for yourself. The help we plead for is to open the USDA Rural Development application period now so that we can apply for funding to get our residents internet.

I appreciate your desire to aggressively build our broadband connectivity. Start here.

Lynne M. Johnson

Chairman, Orleans County Legislature

Jacobs embraces effort to disrupt Presidential transition

Posted 14 January 2021 at 9:29 am


Joel Chandler Harris wrote about the tar baby in his Uncle Remus stories. If you touched it, you were stuck to it. By following Trump into the seditious area of trying to thwart a Presidential election, Congressman Jacobs has embraced the Trump Tar Baby.

This very specific type of tar cannot be cleansed by rhetoric, leaves a life-long stain, is likely a federal crime, and can be politically fatal.

Jack Capurso

Ashburn, Va

1960 Albion High School graduate

Don’t be so quick to make assumptions about people based on their political affiliations

Posted 13 January 2021 at 9:32 am


I had to read a recent letter a couple of times – I could not believe what I was reading! Robert Shaw, you sit in judgement of people you don’t even know?

You state, “I have lived here my entire life and know enough to know that many of my neighbors consider themselves good, Christian folks. Yet, on houses throughout the county, houses belonging to these same self-styled Christian folk, there is hoisted the flag of a man. A vile, repugnant man who is antithetical to Christ’s message but held in higher regard. Our modern worship of power, punishment and celebrity is laid bare.”

Your thinly veiled notion that one’s political affiliation can negate or effect that person’s relationship with God is outrageous, offensive, divisive, and reflects a “holier than thou” attitude.

You then go on to say, “Not much has been happening in Orleans County for a long time. Without expanding job opportunities, strong social organizations and the general belief that one can better one’s circumstance we are left feeling empty, powerless and hurt.” You conveniently forget that NY’s woes belong to Andrew Cuomo (#57 out of 62 in per capita income). I’d add that my friends and neighbors do not walk around feeling empty, powerless, or hurt. Neither do I. I’m sorry if you do.

Then you correctly state, “Now, I don’t know how many of you know or are friendly with a millionaire, much less a billionaire. But here’s something that’ll hold water: they don’t know about you, they don’t care about you and they can’t possibly understand what you’re going through. They’re in it for them. Period. The old saying goes, ‘you don’t get rich by giving away money.’”

The natural extension of that euphemism is, “you get rich by separating fools from theirs.” I am surprised that you speak so negatively about the likes of Pelosi and Cuomo! Or have you been “duped by celebrity politicians”?

You go on, “shut off cable news, delete all of our social media (especially Facebook), and take down those silly flags while opening up our minds and our hearts.” Mr. Shaw, I will decline your advice to bury my head in the stand. Those of us who keep our heads up have the ability to research issues from multiple sources including cable news, social media, etc. and form our own opinions.

I will close in saying that it is disingenuous to quote the Bible out of context. First Peter 3 is focused on the relationship between man and wife.

Also, you refer  to another letter to the editor written from a former Orleans County now living in North Carolina. I wonder if he moved “because of the weather” as Coumo claims.

Bob Harker


Writer adds his own ‘ridiculous’ conspiracy theory of election fraud

Posted 11 January 2021 at 9:10 am


I have heard from “somebody” that an “anonymous source” told them that they had been informed by an “unnamed source (who can’t speak on the subject because they are not authorized to do so) that the 2020 Presidential Election was “very” fraudulently rigged, and thus confirmed to be the greatest election disaster in the history of mankind, dating back to at least the Neolithic Age.

That person, being the “third person” referenced above, has confirmed that there were numerous dead people who had voted and that at least one of the deceased persons had voted in multiple states. The “third person” also possesses a “fourth person’s” independent corroboration that before ballots could be counted in one unnamed state, they were secretly put into a large “brown valise” and deposited into a “fifth person’s” septic system.

Upon investigation of this matter by someone, “code-named Rudolf” (not the reindeer), the septic system was found to have been cleaned and was completely empty! Fraud upon fraud upon fraud upon fraud – no doubt at the hands of the “Not Very Proud Boys”, who very oddly were found to be armed with onions. Elbaites rejoice!!!!

All of this having been confirmed as a purported fact, and substantiated as such by Fox News it appears that Donald J. Trump of the State of Florida received multi millions of votes for President and Michael R. Pence of the State of Indiana has also received multi millions of votes for Vice-President. In each case the number of votes cast for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence were “way bigger by millions” than ever.

Thus, pursuant to the 28th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America they are to be named as the President and Vice President of the below noted states because the parliamentarians have advised that these states possess the only certificates of voting that are regular in form and authentic; therefore, they shall be deemed to be the only votes which may be counted. Thusly, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence have won the 2020 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Election by an “unprecedented hugest landslide ever” because these are the only states that are “really super good states.”

Those states being: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

God Save The Queen.

P.S. The only thing more ridiculous than this farcical Letter To The Editor is the historically preposterous presidency of Donald J. Trump which I fear will scar and torment our nation for generations to come. Share the truth and please keep the faith!

Doug Miller


Jacobs should hold town hall meetings to explain opposition to electoral certification

Posted 10 January 2021 at 12:13 pm


The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal editorial 1/7/21 stated: “All of the lawmakers who have continued to object to the electors— when the election was clearly over and litigated — are no less culpable than Trump. They abetted his false narrative about a rigged election. Each one of them helped give these terrorist legitimacy. Each one helped put lives at risk, most especially those of law enforcement officials who tried to restore calm from chaos.”

Congressman Chris Jacobs is one of those objectors who put law enforcement officials in danger by promulgating lies about election fraud. The Buffalo News Editorial of 1/7/21 was more blunt. “So what does that make Jacobs? Besides cowardly, dishonest and unpatriotic?”

Of Mr. Jacobs’s objection, that he did not like other states election laws, the BN editorial wrote, “With his announcement that he would side with the Republican Sedition Caucus.”

Sedition is incitement or rebellion against a government. Both Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and minority leader Chuck Schumer called Wednesday’s events an insurrection. Is Mr. Jacobs plotting a rebellion against the government that he is a part of?

Mr. Jacobs needs to answer to his constituents for his actions in town hall meetings throughout the district. In his press release, Mr. Jacobs stated: “It is imperative to allow for this crucial conversation to be debated in public.”

Let’s start the conversation. Failure to meet and explain your votes to your constituents will prove what the Buffalo News called you: “So, in addition to being chicken-hearted, Jacobs is also a liar.”

I look forward to your town hall meetings. Thank you.

William Fine


Trump previously called for long prison sentences for people who attacked federal property

Posted 10 January 2021 at 10:29 am


In response to weeks of demonstrations in Portland, Donald Trump on June 26, 2020 signed the order with a minimum 10 years in prison. The “Law and Order” President said, “Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country.”

Trump tweeted “Anarchists, Agitators or Protestors who vandalize our Federal Courthouse in Portland or any Federal Buildings in any of our cities or states will be prosecuted under our recently re-enacted Statues and Monuments Act.”

The previous penalty was up to 10 years for vandalizing or destroying any monument or statue or such federal property in the U.S. under the Veterans Memorial Preservation Act.

Trump supporters violently broke into the Capitol building on Wednesday, spread DNA laden brown fecal footprints, destroyed property, threatened elected officials, and even assaulted a Capitol Hill police officer who subsequently died from his injuries.

Use logic, rather than emotions when making personal decisions. Find healthy ways to vent emotions. Be safe.

Trump’s pawns need to know the consequences. Media outlets, do your part, inform the people.

Frank Nochajski


Residents easily duped by celebrity politicians with deep pockets, empty promises

Posted 10 January 2021 at 8:40 am


I cannot add much to Mr. Ballard’s eloquent and instructive response to the events of January, 6, 2021 except to say that as an American and a resident of Orleans County I am ashamed.

I have lived here my entire life and know enough to know that many of my neighbors consider themselves good, Christian folks. Yet, on houses throughout the county, houses belonging to these same self-styled Christian folk, there is hoisted the flag of a man. A vile, repugnant man who is antithetical to Christ’s message but held in higher regard. Our modern worship of power, punishment and celebrity is laid bare.

In many ways, it is understandable. Not much has been happening in Orleans County for a long time. Without expanding job opportunities, strong social organizations and the general belief that one can better one’s circumstance we are left feeling empty, powerless and hurt. When the physical body is hurt, it opens to infection. It follows then that our battered and beleaguered minds have succumb to the virus that is Donald Trump; that is Chris Collins; that is Chris Jacobs.

Each one of these men represents a great feat of cognitive dissonance: unfathomably rich persons who were overwhelmingly elected by one of the poorest constituencies in New York (#57 out of 62 in per capita income).

Now, I don’t know how many of you know or are friendly with a millionaire, much less a billionaire. But here’s something that’ll hold water: they don’t know about you, they don’t care about you and they can’t possibly understand what you’re going through. They’re in it for them. Period. The old saying goes, “you don’t get rich by giving away money.”  The natural extension of that euphemism is, “you get rich by separating fools from theirs.”

And here we are today, days after our Congress was attacked by domestic terrorists sporting every item from Donald Trump’s merchandise store (“…fools from theirs”). A few days after our Congressman Chris Jacobs voted with the Sedition Caucus in an effort to deny the legitimate votes of millions of Americans, our neighbors. What do we have to show for any of it? Shame is all any of us should rightfully have today.

If there is any hope for us to truly know a great America, we need to shut off cable news, delete all of our social media (especially Facebook), and take down those silly flags while opening up our minds and our hearts. And, as Peter the Apostle wrote (1 Peter 3:8), “all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”

Robert Shaw


Trump supporter denounces president for role in Capitol riot

Posted 8 January 2021 at 7:42 pm


Mr. President, I rallied for you. I voted for you twice. I have supported you through thick and thin. I have been an outspoken advocate of yours. You have been, by far, the best possible leader in these troubled times in spite of the unrelenting political opposition and media bashing.

Until now. Your many amazing accomplishments are now being overshadowed – and I believe rightly so. Please sit down and be quiet.

I do not place all the blame of the tragic event in Washington this past week at your feet. I do though hold you to account for your lack of action before, during, and post rioting. There is no excuse. You let our country down.

Was there fraud in the election? Yes. Was it so widespread that it changed the results? Who knows. I doubt if we ever will. That does not give you the right to let criminals invade our nation’s capital by NOT being absolutely clear that ANY violence or illegal act will not be tolerated. Honestly, Mr. President, you have done direct damage to our nation. Five dead. Numerous injuries. An historic invasion of our nation’s capital. I believe you could have prevented all of this.

Election reform is certainly needed, but that is a matter for another time.

The banter about impeachment with less than two weeks left in your administration is just that: political banter. I ask you again, no I PLEAD with you to sit down and be quiet. It was my hope that you would run again. This one week has made me question that hope.

Now that the left has control of all three branches their upcoming failures will undoubtedly be blamed on you every time. And you have given them even more ammo – especially when given the left’s propensity to exchange factual historic events for whatever negative view of America they wish to convey for that day. They will make sure yours is the face of January 6, 2021.

Let us, the people, deal with election reform. I thank you for your 3.99 years of an outstanding presidency. Now please sit down and be quiet.

And to those on the left, your calls for “working together” and “respect” fall on deaf ears. Your corrupt, disrespectful, false, and downright dangerous statements were for four years the only thing that we heard from you.

You accomplished nothing but delaying aid to the American people on three different occasions to further Nancy’s political fight with the right. Enjoy your temporary reign. I have absolutely no doubt that the extreme radical left will impose their will on more centrist Democrats resulting in a failing economy. Taxes and unemployment will rise. Inflation will follow. The asinine “Green New Deal” actually has a foothold now.

I’m certain this will precipitate Republicans making great gains in the elections 2 and 4 years from now.

In the meantime Mr. President, please sit down and be quiet.

Bob Harker


Employee at nursing home in Albion voices concerns about staffing

Posted 8 January 2021 at 5:30 pm


I am an employee with the Village of Orleans nursing home that past two years. It is having issues again, this time with staffing. Is this a reality in nursing? Sometimes yes. Sometimes from staff turnover, and other times from disasters like we had with Covid-19.

There were some poor choices coming from the top for sure but it was also something new that none of us were ready to deal with. In the end we lost a lot of people but were able to provide excellent end-of-life care, due to the staff who hadn’t quit or got Covid themselves, being unified with a common enemy and goal.

We also saved many of the residents there with consistent care and nourishment. Administration also played a part by eventually giving hazard pay and offering bonus/incentives to staff when staffing went to a critical level.

The staffing issue now has been artificially created by one thing: greed. We have filled the building with new admits, at times getting 5 in one day. For any business this is a good thing with dollars for people at the top.

But administration has repeatedly minimized or outright ignored concerns of nursing staff as the work load continues to expand, with no steps to up staffing, retain current staff, or incentivize staff so we don’t get overwhelmed or frustrated, then quit, as I have.

I’m not the first and I won’t be the last. I’ve talked with the current administrator and his boss. I voiced concerns of basic human needs not being met because of the rapid growth of admits with no way to buff up staffing.

What it comes down to is they pretend to be powerless, as anything that could make a difference has to go through the union, with examples being competitive wages or an attendance incentive or a temporary bonus for critical staffing levels. This could take months. Ask some of our residents when was the last time they were offered a shower. Can they wait until the union clears it?

On top of filling the place up, they have decided to take patients with a high level of care/needs. Example being someone with multiple wounds, on IV medications, poly-substance abuse, behaviors, etc. Everyone needs care, but if we are unable to provide the resources to care for the patients, why are we still taking them in? When I say resources, I mean nurses and aids, mostly!

The staff that remains from the Covid-19 outbreak remember all the extra effort and care we put in to keep who we could alive and healthy, and those we couldn’t, comfortable. Now the survivors are neglected.

I’m leaving The Villages and I don’t see any changes or urgency from anyone in administration with the actual power to do something – I’m asking for help from outside sources.

Name withheld

Conservative Party leader thanks Jacobs for opposing electoral certification

Posted 8 January 2021 at 5:16 pm


I want to thank Congressman Chris Jacobs for standing up for the Constitution, the constitutional process and for standing up for our President. That is what the citizens of Orleans County and the 27th district sent you to do.

Never apologize. Never surrender to the anti-American hypocritical left. Do not pay attention the rabid leftist werewolves barking at their own reflections.

They stole 3 elections and they still are not happy. (Have you ever seen a happy leftist?) I am proud that I cast my vote for you. I look forward to you fighting the leftists every step of the way in the halls of Congress.

Paul Lauricella


Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman