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Hard work – not platitudes – has Holley making progress on several fronts

Posted 12 June 2018 at 5:22 pm


Let me do my best to respond to my challenger’s comments. First of all, personally, I think Holley is great already! However, just like all small communities, it is true that much work needs to be done to address a variety of issues. The good news is, we are currently on a path to do just that. With experienced leadership we can utilize the current approach combined with new ideas to address other areas in the Village, but this will take time.

If my opponent were to actually read my letter he would understand that what was said was that the creation of these projects and the improvements will make the village a better place to live and do business. This is a true statement…replacing about 1/3 of the Villages crumbling sidewalks and water infrastructure will absolutely help accomplish this. This is approximately $4.5 million worth of infrastructure improvements, a magnitude of projects not seen in this Village in recent history!

Further, revitalizing the old High school (conveniently left out of his comment letter) will absolutely help accomplish this as well. This $17 million project is a game-changer for our Village putting people from 41 apartments within walking distance of our square. This is truly a transformational project that will impact not only the Village but all the communities around us. These are the types of projects and real progress that encourage new businesses to invest here and that has been our consistent message.

These projects also show a commitment to our community. Putting forth projects as described above will create a climate where new businesses, or businesses looking to relocate, will look at Holley and say, this community is pressing forward and constantly improving and investing in themselves. This is what will bring business back downtown.

Does he disagree? Based on the concerns expressed in my opponent’s letter while considering we already have solutions to about 1/3 of the Village in motion, it would be logical to assume they would agree? (Should I take this as an endorsement from them…thanks, I guess??)

So then, my opponent claims to “want to turn this around.” My question to them is, turn what around exactly? Everything you state you want to do during your “infrastructure phase” are things we are already in the process of doing. So again, what needs to be turned around? It simply seems my opponent and his team claim to want to do what we have already been doing. Yet somehow they want to address “ALL” of our curbs and sidewalks, (which is a very big promise by the way), by going in some different direction, and somehow do it better and at no cost? Oh yeah, and also they have a “results-driven, solution-oriented team” that is accountable to the taxpayers. Where is the evidence or plan to back up these claims? How can you make these claims when none of you have been to a board meeting, particularly our recent budget meetings? If you are going to make promises, how can you do that without knowing how much money there is to work with? Now is not the time for platitudes and shallow campaign promises, there is serious business going on here. Now is the time for experienced leadership, those that are truly dedicated to these efforts. These claims and promises are mind-boggling to me.

I would encourage all interested voters to come to the Candidate Forum on June 13, and I hope someone asks the simple question of HOW? to Mr. O’Mara.

I have repeatedly described how I believe we are heading in the right direction given our current progress. Is everything perfect, no absolutely not….We have much more work to do! What we have done so far is just the beginning….we have the experience, dedication, and commitment to Continue the Progress!

Please Vote June 19th to re-elect Sorochty – Mayor, Nenni – Trustee, Lynch – Trustee!

Thank You!

Brian J Sorochty

Mayor Village of Holley

Holley trustee says current mayor, board has village in right direction

Posted 11 June 2018 at 4:11 pm


It has been a year since I joined the Holley Village Board, and in that time I have seen many changes, and yes it was sad to see the bank and store leave, but I am excited about the new Holley Bar and Grill due to open in the Fall.

And there are many improvements coming, due to the hard work of Mayor Sorochty and all the board members, and thank you to all the village residents who have supported our efforts.

If you received the Mayor’s update letter you know what improvements are coming and I can assure you this is just the beginning of continuing the progress for our little but strong Village of Holley.

The first weekend in June was a prime example of  what we can do when we work together and get involved. This year’s June Fest was fantastic, with the village-wide yard sales, all the children’s activities, food and craft venders, wooden boats and classic cars, library book sale and the many service information booths. The Historical Society put on an old-fashioned cake walk along with a very successful bake sale by the museum. But my favorite was the fireworks. Thank you Krista Wiley and the rest of the June Fest Committee for a job well done.

And a shout out to the DPW Crew who were out sprucing up the village before and cleaning up afterward.

My first year as your Trustee has been a busy one with the monthly meetings the many extra working meetings as well as the numerous training seminars and informational programs offered by the county to attend. I am enjoying it all and learning much. So I hope you will join me in supporting our current Board and vote on June 19 to keep the progress going.

Vote Sorochty, Lynch and Nenni.

Thank you,

Rochelle Moroz

Village of Holley Trustee

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Gaines resident states his goals for serving on the Town Board

Posted 10 June 2018 at 10:09 pm


My name is Joseph Gangi Jr; I am running for the Town of Gaines open councilperson seat and I am running in the September 13th Primary Election. Hard work, honesty, morality, objectivity and integrity. These are values I hold dear today.

After 30 years working for the Rochester Police Department, I am retiring this January 2019. I have been the department’s Quartermaster. I managed an annual budget of around half a million dollars. Over the course of my career, I have saved the City of Rochester thousands of dollars.

I met my wife in 2009; we bought a house in Gaines in 2010. We could have lived anywhere but we chose to stay in this town, our town, Gaines. My wife Michelle was raised here in Gaines. We have solid roots.

Our town residents are very smart and I know they share the same concerns as I do. My concerns are simple but extremely important to this community;

Taxes – We need to keep an eye on our town’s taxes. The hope would be to not have them go up. As you all know, politicians all say the same thing, LOWER TAXES.  All I can say is I will work hard to do just that but again, you are smart and know, nothing is guaranteed. I do promise you this; I will work hard for all of us to keep our taxes controlled. We must keep an eye on taxes.

Agriculture (Farming) is the backbone of this community.

1. Agricultural Effect Economically – Farms provide a livelihood for people who work on them. The list goes on and on from machinery, feed stores, transportation, then eventually to us, the consumer. There are multiple professions in between that benefit from agriculture. We must protect agriculture.

2. Agriculture Effect Environmental – When you think of farms, you think of cows grazing in the fields, corn crops, big red barns, and don’t forget about the view over those fields, how beautiful those truly are for miles around. It’s for this reason we chose to live here in our town, Gaines. Also, think about the wildlife that is sustained because these farms exist, I’m sure all you hunters can appreciate that. We must protect agriculture.

Support Smart Economic Growth – This just goes along with agriculture. We must be real careful how and where our town grows as to not disturb the agricultural environment. These are the concerns of many I have spoken to. We must encourage and be conscious of our town’s economic growth.

Smart Spending – Our town is small and most of us, the residents, are not wealthy. We must be smart with the way our town’s money is spent. Again, this goes to keeping expenses down and not being wasteful so that we can keep our taxes low. Money has to be spent; we just need to be smart about it.  We must watch spending.

Our town matters.

Joseph Gangi Jr.


Holley candidate says he would push for many improvements in village

Posted 8 June 2018 at 4:05 pm


As the United States experiences great economic successes and brings businesses back into the Union, let us as The Village of Holley do the same with our great community!

My name is Shawn O’Mara and I am running to be Holley’s next Mayor. I could talk about how I graduated from Holley High School, and that I lived in Holley my entire life or my 20-plus years as a “think on my feet” problem-solver for multiple police departments, but instead I want the Holley community to ask themselves two questions posed by your current administration.

The incumbent would have you believe that Holley is a “better place to live” and a “better place to do business.”

Question 1, do you feel Holley is a better place to live? I’m not sure it is. The village community deserves better than:

• Deteriorated roads

• Broken curbs

• Non-existent sidewalks

• Damaged water systems

• Outdated electrical facilities

• Uncared for parks

Question 2, do you feel Holley is a better place to do business?  These two questions are important because the answer to one drives a solution for the other.

• We lost our only bank, grocery store and bakery.

In order to turn this village around we have put together a team that is results-driven and solution-oriented, through accountability to the taxpayers.

The number of projects we complete or the amount of funding we bring in through grants means nothing if the taxpayers do not see and feel the results! My team will give better roads, we will restore ALL sidewalks and curbs, we will return our parks to a place people are proud to bring their families for a picnic and we will fix the outdated infrastructure in a manner which does not raise taxes.

To Make Holley Great Again we will need to execute a phased approach. This is what I call the “Infrastructure Phase.” I mentioned above great infrastructure brings people who want to do business in the Village of Holley, the answer to question #1 is the solution to question #2!

This is the promise my team is making to the Village of Holley, our friends, our neighbors!

Elect Shawn O’Mara, Alexa Downey and Robin Schubmehl and together we will Make Holley Great Again! #MHGA

I hope we can get your vote on June 19.


Shawn O’Mara


Praise for Holley officials, volunteers on a successful Junefest

Posted 5 June 2018 at 9:16 pm


This past weekend, the Village of Holley held its annual Junefest Day. Residents and visitors alike were able to enjoy a day walking throughout the village, meeting up with neighbors and friends. Thank you to Holley Mayor Brian Sorochty, and those who served on the Junefest committee, for making the event such a success!

Days like this remind us all of why we choose to live in small towns, where the sense of community is strong, and annual traditions still matter. Thank you to those who were sponsors of this event, and to the vendors and community members who volunteered their time and resources. Kudos on a job well done!

Kristina Martin


Holley mayor sees many successes in village

Posted 5 June 2018 at 9:13 pm


The Village of Holley election is fast approaching – Tuesday, June 19. I strongly feel residents have a clear choice in front of them. I am the current mayor and seeking the privilege of a second term. Here is a brief summary about me:

• My family has lived here since 1980

• Graduate of Holley High School

• My current profession is Vice President of Engineering for an Engineering/Construction company

• I have been in the consulting engineering business for over 25 years

• Village of Holley Planning Board Chairman for 8 years

• Chaired the Comprehensive Plan Committee

• Chaired the Holley Revitalization Plan (BOA Step 1)

• Village Trustee for 3 years

• Village Mayor for past 2 years

I am running along with two other current trustees; Connie Nenni and Kevin Lynch who are also seeking re-election. Connie Nenni has 7 years total experience as Village Trustee (non-consecutive) and also served previously as Clerk Treasurer for about 4.5 years. Kevin Lynch has been a Trustee for 4 years and has also served as Deputy Mayor for the last 2 years for me. Over my first two years as Mayor, your village government and staff have accomplished many things for the taxpayers:

• We have created a Local Development Corporation (LDC) to acquire the 8 residential homes affected by the Diaz Chemical Spill. These homes were given a clean bill of health by the EPA, conveyed to our LDC put up for sale, and are now sold to individuals and back on the tax rolls.

• We have obtained over $4.5 million in grants to fix approximately 1/3 of the village’s crumbling sidewalks and water system.

• Obtained planning grant of approximately $300k, for the Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Step 2 which will help plan for our future and encourage new business in the village.

• Currently applying for Bridges and Culvert grant, approximately $900k to replace the undersized bridge on Veterans Memorial Drive and minor road widening to allow trucks to turn into the Industrial Park. A nice side benefit is that the trucks won’t be hitting our bridge anymore as well!

• We have worked successfully with a developer over the last 3 years to make the Holley Gardens Project a reality. This is a $17 million dollar project, planned to renovate the old Holley High school into 41 senior apartments and a relocated, handicap accessible Village Office. Construction should begin in the Fall of 2018.

• Let’s also talk about taxes – over the last two years we have worked diligently on the budget to plan for the necessary spending for all departments and maintaining services to the village taxpayers. However, throughout the year, we exercise good judgement and work with the supervisors to make good spending decisions, and that has resulted in two straight years of a budget surplus which is now helping us plan for these infrastructure projects. This current year I am proud to say we were also able to keep the tax rate flat!

Please note, I state that these are things “YOUR” village government and staff have accomplished….this is not about me, these objectives are being achieved because we are all dedicated to working together towards a common, unbiased goal of simply creating projects and improvements to the village that make it a better place to live and do business…period! This is real progress!

We need to keep this progress going! Please vote on June 19, 2018 to re-elect the team that has brought this progress to the Village of Holley through hard work, cooperation and dedication.

Please vote to re-elect: Brian Sorochty for Mayor, Connie Nenni for Trustee, and Kevin Lynch for Trustee.

Thank You!

Brian Sorochty

Mayor Village of Holley

Albion leaders should work to preserve historic buildings, magnificent architecture

Posted 2 June 2018 at 8:46 am


While reading the Lake Country Pennysaver last week, I came upon a post seeking bids for the dismantling of a significant, historic building in Albion, N.Y. After further reading of the post, I fear that this description matches the former Swan Library. I had wondered why the door and front sign of the building appear to now simply state the address which appears to be, perhaps, spray painted on.

While I do not live in Albion at the present time, I have lived in this area since birth (in the late 1950’s) and I do spend a great deal of time in “town”. The Albion that I see today, does not resemble the Albion of my youth.  So many grand homes and businesses have disappeared over the years.

While I understand that progress and profit seem to have become very important, I wonder when we will stop destroying our history and magnificent architecture to ensure both.

I only hope that those in charge of our community can see the significance of our past and try to preserve it so that Albion will not become an empty shell of its former self.


Eileen MPM Collins


Downtown Albion sees an upgrade, and a concern

Posted 2 June 2018 at 8:37 am


I saw something in downtown Albion that was all upgraded, shiny and new. I went inside. For a moment, I thought I was in Medina, but no! I was in the new “39 Problems” restaurant in Albion!

Then I ventured further south on Main Street and saw the Swan Library building. Foolish me. I was in Albion. My beloved Swan Library – with two young, recently planted, dogwoods in front of it and improvements ongoing inside – though old, was being threatened, just as so many older things eventually are. Why? Not because the owner hasn’t worked diligently to enhance what remained of her when he purchased her. Might it have been more because of Village leadership and the need for slightly more user-friendly enforcement of rules?

Unless a whole lot of people care a whole lot more, we could lose something “. . . that matters” like we’ve done before.

Nostalgically yours,

Grace Kent – thirty-some year Swan librarian


Be wary of comprehensive plans and other government overreach

Posted 30 May 2018 at 10:19 am


I would like to sound the alarm about a couple of things that are coming our way that freedom and liberty lovers who enjoy being left alone from persecution by their local governments need to pay attention to.

First, is the County is going to be pushing taking over codes enforcement? Bad, bad idea. Takes it out of control of your local town and puts it in their control. If you got a grievance you have to go to the county which might as well be as well be Albany. They will hand pick who they want to violate and run roughshod on your property rights. Imagine having a type of code officer like Murray has with the power and resources of the county behind him. Pay close attention, attend the public hearings – you have a lot to lose.

The next thing to pay even more attention to if you live there is the Western Orleans County Comprehensive Plan. If you remember there was a group of us that tried to warn the public back in 2002 that this living document was going to take away every aspect of your property rights. It was sold as the spirit of cooperation. What it did was give the Towns and Villages the teeth they were so desperately seeking to control the few violators and put fear in the rest that they had to tow the line or be hauled into court for violations. You used to be able to do things with and on your property that are now outright prohibited, require a special use permit or permit. Your property that you pay taxes on, to put it plain, simply belongs to your Town or Village. You have willingly surrendered that to your government.

What the comprehensive plan is, is big city central planning taken from the United Nations, gated communities, radical environmental groups and no world experience academics with the group think disorder. This is then pushed down to the local level all over the country with shiny golden carrots of taxpayer funded grants and what politician can resist grant money. Your local municipalities then pick people hopefully with common sense to go over all this and come up with a plan that in most cases would never be acceptable to the general public that has no idea that its even happening until it’s too late, but mostly acceptable to the elected officials.

I ask the people of Ridgeway and Shelby who are really ruled over tyrannically. Are you more free now since the spirit of cooperation was set into law? Were things better when each town had a simple zoning code? If you didn’t like what one town imposed you could move to a more free one or gather your pitch forks and give them hell. The powers that be want all the zoning to be uniform to avoid criticisms that they are overreaching on their citizens. So we got this living document that really – if you have a town board that wants to impose its will on its people or change the rules on the fly – it’s really a pretty dangerous document. So you have to not only think about who can use it now but who may have the power to use it in the future. This 400 or so page document will be available soon but insist on seeing the whole document not the little 10 or so page document that they will probably provide with all the rosy things that will come from this update.

Pay attention because what few property rights you have left will probably be taken away in this now insane age of green space, bike paths, uniformity, carbon footprints and bogus climate change fear-mongering. Attend the public hearings and remember how we were lied to by a consultant who claimed over and over that there are no laws imposed in this. No, just the tools to take away of your property rights.

This should be shot down in every town. Like it was the last time. How many more of your natural rights are you going to continue to give up. Government is force. You need to be its check and balance. Or be its slave.

Paul Lauricella


Barre group working to inform community about wind energy project

Posted 22 May 2018 at 9:21 am


KNOW YOUR FACTS USA gave a presentation regarding the PROS and CONS of wind turbines on April 28. We were surprised that you did not attend to cover this very controversial topic. You are always most welcome at all our events.

The event was vital to all the community. After many hours of reviewing countless studies by committee members the only way to not divide the community are 2,500 to 3,000-foot setbacks from structures. This solution would allow for the turbines giving the farmer financial assistance and keep human and animal life safe.

There were many slides at the beginning of the presentation that explained APEX/Heritage Wind LLC relationship and about the assets the project would bring to the community, how the financial income would be distributed. Bright Orange Posters also explained the Assets Item in full detail. This information was given to KNOW YOUR FACTS USA by Heritage Wind Project.

If any person has other pro information they want reviewed, please email to or mail to C/O RANCO Management Inc. PO Box 89 Albion NY 14411. Consideration for poster and slides creation of your material will be considered for our upcoming shows. Anyone with a health or other issue is all so welcome to send info to our organization for the same consideration.

Let us all think about correct setbacks and live in harmony.

KNOW YOUR FACTS USA is a citizen awareness organization, educating citizens on critical issues in unbiased process.

We thank Congressman Chris Collins for the presence of his representative George Mc Nerney, Senator Robert Ortt for the presence of his representative Josh Veronica, and Assemblyman Steve Hawley for the presence of his representative Eileen Banker

Robin Nacca