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Posted 1 July 2020 at 7:00 am

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Vote for a Congressional candidate who will fight for the greater good

Posted 21 June 2020 at 8:34 am


The race for the 27th district seat in the House of Representatives pits Fulbright scholar, Nate McMurray, against businessman, Chris Jacobs.

McMurray has been touted as a progressive Democrat who would support legislation to deal with climate change, increase access to healthcare for the poor, make law enforcement more equitable and consistent with the Bill of Rights, stop further degradation of environmental protection and get our international relations turned around and back on a course established over decades by both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Chris Jacobs appears to believe that being a successful businessman ensures one’s ability to effectively represent the wide variety of constituents occupying our Congressional district. His ads strongly suggest that he will consistently support President Trump’s policies.

On election day (June 23) I plan to vote for someone who has the courage to think for himself and seek to serve the public in a district that has long been conceded to whatever candidate the Republican Party has chosen to fill the seat.

Sincerely yours,

Gary F. Kent


Murray GOP committee candidate states his reasons for running

Posted 20 June 2020 at 9:58 am


Hello friends and neighbors in Murray. My name is Adam Moore and I am running for Republican Committee for District 6. I would love to earn your support and have the chance to be your voice for our district.

I have lived in Murray for nearly 7 years now raising a wonderful family and developing a small farm. I am a business analyst for a science education company and have worked with that company for 15 yrs. I believe in core Republican values of small government, keeping taxes low and free enterprise.

Murray government has seen some major changes in the last few years and I believe that we are on the right track for making our town better than it was before. New people and fresh ideas help bring accountability and trust. Selecting the right candidates for our town is essential and a responsibility that I will not take lightly.

I believe the town of Murray is a great place to live and I want to help ensure that we keep it that way, not only for ourselves but for our children and the future generations to come.

Please vote for Adam Moore and Kellie Gregoire for District 6.


Adam Moore


Confederate statues, which elevate traitors, should be removed from landscape

Posted 18 June 2020 at 9:29 am


I am getting pretty sick and tired hearing there are “cultural and historical reasons” to keep Confederate statutes with more being said to justify the statute. Here’s why.

There were 12 states that seceded. When Congress said in the early 20th century that some monuments could be erected as a sign of reconciliation with those 12 states, statutes were not only erected in those 12 states but in 22 other states as well. Those statutes have no historical significance in those states and have nothing to do with reconciling with those communities. They were erected as symbols of white supremacy!

So when you come across a person arguing for Confederate statutes – and that is their right – ask them “in which state” and “what is the significance to that location.” If the statute is outside of the old confederacy or the person you are talking to does not know the statue’s relevancy, you are probably face to face with a supremacist or at the very least with an imbecile who does not understand they are venerating traitors. Either way the person is no history buff who may have some serious reasons to consider supporting keeping any particular statute up.

If you can hear it and repeat it, that does not make it smart. The statute debate is one of those things. Thirty-four states with statutes proves just the opposite.

Conrad F. Cropsey


Former county clerk says Shampine is the right person for the job

Posted 18 June 2020 at 8:26 am


Although the title “Honorable” preceded my name, in all honesty it was my honor to have served the good people of Orleans County for 14 years as your County Clerk. It was truly humbling to have earned the trust of the voters each time I was elected to office. In light of my recent retirement it is now with great pleasure that I officially endorse Acting County Clerk Diane Shampine to be my successor to the position.

I first met Diane when I worked as an Index Clerk. She would regularly visit the Clerk’s office to file documents as part of her duties working for various attorneys in the county. She impressed me with how dedicated and how hard-working she was for her employers and their clients, always with a kind word and a smile.

When I decided to run for County Clerk, my first decision was to ask Diane to serve beside me as my deputy. Her legal experience, work ethic and loyalty combined with a genuinely kind, friendly demeanor made her the perfect choice. I am truly grateful she accepted my offer at that time. We made a great team, assembled an excellent staff, of which ensured the success of my time in office.

Together we initiated and continue to support the “Thank a Vet” program, (providing official ID to obtain discounts from participating local merchants), introduced online access to land records and provided an on-site Pistol Permit Office. We provided kind, personal service to anyone in need, all while consistently maintaining a balanced budget.

The three offices the County Clerk oversees – the County Clerk’s Office, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Pistol Permit Office – are funded by revenue generated from fees for services the offices provide. I always treated the budgetary process as if it were my own personal budget for home, making certain the office runs efficiently while meeting all the needs of the county residents. I am certain Diane will continue in kind.

Diane deserves my endorsement because I know first-hand she can do the job. She started as an Index Clerk and then became Deputy. She has the necessary legal background as well as the confidence and ability to oversee every aspect of the office.

Diane has the experience and the knowledge which is needed to be the Orleans County Clerk.  Her hard work and dedication will provide a smooth transition. I believed in Diane and trusted her when I appointed her to be my deputy and when she became acting County Clerk.

That same trust and belief applies now that she is running for the position. You need someone with hands-on experience to be the County Clerk and Diane Shampine is the person for the job!

My sincere hope and aspiration for the Clerk’s offices is Diane Shampine be given the opportunity to be the County Clerk.

Diane will continue to move the office forward with fresh ideas and services that will provide additional resources for all who come into contact with the offices.


Karen Lake-Maynard


Local officials should allow all businesses to reopen and not wait for governor’s OK

Posted 17 June 2020 at 8:07 pm


Hey! Orleans County Legislature. Town Supervisors. Mayors. It’s time to tell “King Cuomo” to go pound sand and allow the business in this county to open up in any capacity that they feel is necessary to make a living.

Allow events and concerts to convene and don’t harass them. This dictator will keep us shut down forever. Let’s get on with our life. Send him a message loud and clear he is not going to push us around anymore and stick up for law enforcement and tell him his executive order will be shredded and flushed down the toilet.

Stick up for us. Stick up for the police. It’s time to push back against this evil. Not a word from any of you. It’s time to take back our county, state and our country.

Paul Lauricella



Time is now for community leaders to step up and fight systemic racism

Posted 16 June 2020 at 5:02 pm


Photo by Tom Rivers: About 75 attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Albion on June 6.

I was so proud of my community on Saturday, June 6, when I drove through town and witnessed a diverse group of people standing for Black Lives Matter on Main Street.

I just happened to be in town and was lucky enough to witness this diverse group of people standing up for what is right. I honked in support and got teary eyed. Thank you to all of you who participated.

I support Black Lives Matter, because we live in a society that acts as if they do not. This movement is not saying that other lives do not matter, or that black lives matter more. The movement is asking us to see that black lives matter. They matter.

I tracked down someone in the protest and participated with a group in Kendall on the corner of Route 18 and Kendall Road this past Saturday, June 13th. Just as the article about the previous week mentioned honks of support. It was heartwarming the number of honks and thumbs up we received.

I read a beautiful article in the Hub, with Holley and Kendall school superintendents joining Monroe County school leaders in denouncing racism. The superintendents signed a pledge, both Holley and Kendall School Districts are joining Monroe County school districts in a six-point pledge to address systemic racism in our schools. Thank you, Holley and Kendall school districts. Albion, Medina, Lyndonville Central School Districts, where are you? We need you; our children need you.

Many County Cooperative Extension offices are posting statements in line with the statewide Cooperative Extension office. I found solid statements of support from Genesee and Niagara County CCE offices, nothing on the Orleans County CCE website. Orleans County CCE, where are you? Our community needs you.

Racism robs all of us in so many ways. This is an incredible moment in our nation’s history. We all have the opportunity to engage in supporting meaningful change. The protests are step one. After years of community activism, there is a moment when protests bring about legislative change. Now comes the real work of change. Our schools, law enforcement, government, medical providers all need change. Systemic racism permeates all of our institutions.

I am filled with hope. Those of us who stand up, and those of us who honk are collectively so much more diverse than we were in the 1960’s. All dimensions of difference matter, and race is our root. The real work lies ahead. Moving from protest to actions is about committee work. Diverse members of our community sitting together in each of our different institutions identifying barriers and planning change.

I believe we can do it, and am asking that the leaders across our county stand up to this moment, and engage. It is time to create real committees/work groups to address the issues of disparity. There are so many tools at our disposal. There are amazing projects around the country that we can use to inform our efforts.

Thank you.

Betty García Mathewson


Barre resident’s survey seeks 100 percent response from community regarding wind energy project

Posted 16 June 2020 at 9:46 am


I, George McKenna, sent a letter to every resident in the Town of Barre. I included a paid postage envelope to return a simple vote. I asked households to choose the statement that best corresponded with their belief on the proposed industrial wind turbine project in Barre.

This letter to the editor is to give all residents of Barre first-hand answers to some of the questions that were being asked about this letter at the June 10th Town Board meeting.

1. Why does the voting page have a number on it?

This was done by the local company I used to send the letters out. It is for the sole purpose of authenticity. The number ensures that no vote is duplicated. Each household only has one vote.

2. Can the number on the voting page be traced back to me?

There is NO WAY to trace the number back to you. It was done by the printing company to guarantee that the responses were genuine (duplicate numbers will not be accepted). Your voice will remain anonymous as promised.

3. How can I be sure you will be accurate and honest?

A. I am only accepting votes mailed via paid postage so that no one can unrightfully tamper with your vote.

B. The voting page cannot be duplicated, as stated above. I want to be as fair as possible to all residents in Barre. One vote per household. This means that if you lost or discarded yours, there will be no way to honestly count your vote because there is no way to know whether it was already counted. Your household will not be able to be counted.

C. All surveys are being held unopened until respectable representatives for differing views are present to open them and tally them. Regardless of how you vote, your voice will be heard.

As I said in my letter, I want your voice to be heard. My goal is 100 percent response so that each resident’s vote is accounted for and being represented. Please send your vote back in the paid postage envelope. This is our community – we deserve to have our voices heard!

Unlike others who have sent in editorials that either they or family members are already benefiting financially for leases they have signed, I have not and will not receive any money to affect my opinion.

I would also like to publicly forgive the people that thought I would do something different than what I said. That includes our town supervisor who went into great  detail on how the numbers could be connected to the addresses. I am only interested in an honest polling of the citizens of  Barre.

I don’t care if my family or others have lived here 100 years or if you have lived here 100 days, we are all neighbors and should have equal say.

If you have any other questions regarding the letter or its sincerity please contact me directly at 585-738-4875.

George McKenna


Murray GOP Committee candidate asks for support in primary

Posted 15 June 2020 at 11:01 am


Greetings to the Republican voters of the Town of Murray! My name is Anthony J. Peone and I am seeking your vote for the Murray Republican Committee, District 3. That is the area of the town that encompasses most of the northern part of the Village of Holley.

I have lived in the town for the last ten years and was active in local politics in Brockport where I lived before moving here. I operated Brockport Computer in that village for over 20 years and am a graduate of SUNY Brockport.

I am seeking this position to hopefully add some new ideas to our local government. It seems that the committee and the Town Board are populated by persons who have been in their jobs for quite a while.

I believe along with Mark Twain that politicians, like diapers, should be changed frequently and for the same reasons! We need less career politicians and more new people with fresh ideas and a fresh outlook. If I am chosen for this office, I pledge to serve only two terms. Since that is the rule for presidents, I believe it should apply to all elected officials.

Please consider me for your vote for Republican District Committee member in the June 23rd election. Along with Kerry Neale in District 3 and Kellie Gregoire and Adam Moore in District 6 we will help bring about needed change in our town governance. God bless America and our President, Donald J. Trump.

Anthony J. Peone


Many in Orleans reject anything by Cuomo, even when it’s a good idea, including new ‘Right to Monitor Act’

Posted 15 June 2020 at 8:35 am


On June 14, Governor Cuomo signed an Executive Order, deemed “New Yorker’s Right to Monitor Act.” It was covered here on the Hub, but just to reiterate, it reaffirms the right of citizens to record law enforcement officers and to keep these recordings.

When I listened to the way this Executive Order was received, I was appalled. I think many felt the same. There were complaints about how Governor Cuomo went about this; every opinion I’d viewed or listened to was critical of his action.

Considering the catalyst of Cuomo’s Order – the unjust, systemically-prompted death of countless Black individuals – the right of citizens to record encounters with police officers is fundamental and completely necessary.

Black people are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement, consciously or not. That should set off alarm bells and warning signs in everyone’s head, and everyone should be willing to explore any means necessary, including this EO, to repair this very real systemic racism.

Video recordings of law enforcement are in no way an infringement of officers’ freedom; this Order is intended to verify and speak in plain words the right to sustain life for oneself and acquire justice because, for some, especially Black individuals, an encounter with the police could be a matter of death.

A “few bad apples” are products of the system that is designed to over-police and criminalize human beings based upon skin color. This severe fault in the system needs to be fixed.

Right now, all I can do to fight the issue of police brutality is to educate myself and use my words to act. I’m not yet old enough to vote, and that scares me. It scares a lot of my peers to think about how a great deal of the eligible voters are either apathetic or actively against the uplift of marginalized peoples. (We will be eligible in a couple of years, but those are two years of action lost for us.)

Reactions to this EO is pretty representative of what we usually see from Orleans County residents: “Anything Cuomo does is reprehensible,” and it’s left at that.

As a young person, this partisan game that we all seem to be playing is unacceptable. This isn’t an opportunity to criticize liberal minds like the Governor. This is an opportunity to reflect and to learn, and that means not jumping to say that reaffirming a civil liberty is an overreach.

Every last one of us exhibits biases, and I urge you to see past them in this moment and forward.

Ashley Ames


Protests put police officers in danger, with 600 injured

Posted 14 June 2020 at 10:16 am


I would love for Mr. Cropsey to explain to me, a mother of a police officer, how it is when a mob is descending upon police officers they are to know which “10 or 100” are the lawless ones.

My son who had no training in mobile response was put in the thick of protests, without a shield, to have bricks, frozen water bottles, feces and urine thrown at him. He worked an 84-hour week to try and protect peaceful protesters who were screaming the most vile insults during a pandemic where we aren’t even supposed to be singing in church for fear of the droplets spreading the disease.

Liberal leaders refused to call in professional riot busters for fear it looked like a military response. Perhaps if this was done early we wouldn’t have over 600 injured police officers.

Mr. Cropsey would do well to check the facts he keeps referring to. There is a false narrative being fueled by media and liberal politicians that actually paint our hard-working, dedicated, constitution-loving police with a wide brush!

Christie Urbanik


McMurray would be strong voice against incompetence of Trump Administration

Posted 13 June 2020 at 9:48 pm


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency on January 31. The June issue of The American Journal of Nursing asks, “Where are the Masks?” Reporting that: “As we went to press, nurses, nursing assistants, physicians, respiratory therapist, housekeepers, and other essential personnel continue to care for people with confirmed and suspected Covid-19 without adequate protective gear.”

This is the administration that Chris Jacobs praises and wants to join. As we watch refrigerator trucks line up outside of morgues, Mr. Jacobs thinks this administration is doing a great job with now over 100,000 deaths, and no plans to deal with the crisis.

It is not just the administration’s mishandling of the pandemic crisis that this administration displays. Since the beginning of his presidency, Mr. Trump has used racist and violent rhetoric to create an enemy class of “others.”

ABC reported on May 30, 2020, “‘No Blame?’ ABC News finds 54 cases invoking ‘Trump’ in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults.” Reporting that “a nationwide review conducted by ABC News has identified at least 54 criminal cases where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault.” Again, Mr. Jacobs praises this administration’s leadership.

Conservative Republicans, George T. Conway III, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson in a NYT op-ed (12/17/19) wrote: “Congressional Republicans have embraced and copied Mr. Trump’s cruelty and defended and even adopted his corruption. Mr. Trump and his enablers have abandoned conservatism and longstanding Republicans principles and replaced it with Trumpism, an empty faith led by a bogus prophet.”

This is the administration that Mr. Jacobs praises. This is the incompetent, corrupt, cruel administration Mr. Jacobs praises.

We deserve better, we need a representative who will work for the citizens of NY 27th district. We need to elect Nate McMurray. Thank you.

William Fine


Candidate for Ridgeway GOP Committee says current leadership isn’t effective

Posted 13 June 2020 at 9:40 pm


This letter is to the voters in the Republican Party, District 2, in Ridgeway. My name is Virginia Nicholson and I have resided in the Town of Ridgeway for over 20 years.

I have never been so disappointed with the ongoing events of the Ridgeway Republican Committee as over this last year. This is the reason I have decided to ask for your support in seeking one of the open seats on the Republican committee.

It is important that transparency be brought to the voters of this district. Further, everyone should be given the ability to attend the meetings and they are entitled to knowing by being given notice in a timely manner.

David Stalker, the chairman of the Ridgeway Republican Committee, has not brought effective leadership to the committee.

Please don’t be afraid on June 23rd to vote for someone to be your committee representative that isn’t afraid to give you what you deserve and expect.

Vote for someone who is willing to take on the challenge and make the Ridgeway Republican Committee strong and fair.

Thanking you in advance,

Virginia Nicholson


Don’t judge a movement by the lawless actions of a small percentage

Posted 12 June 2020 at 7:25 pm


I was recently named in a letter by Ed Urbanik. I had written you about my concern that some people might get scapegoated and blamed for the work of thugs and criminals during the recent, and ongoing, demonstrations regarding the outrage over the Floyd murder.

Mr. Urbanik seems to think that the fact some people threw bricks and worse is proof of a conspiracy and that I approve of people who belong in jail. Far from it, I merely believe, for example, that when 10,000 Christians march for a cause – let’s say it’s pro life – that if 10 or 100 get into fights, throw bricks, or shoot and kill abortion doctors that all pro-lifer advocates  must be condemned as murders because of the act(s) of a few. It was a simple point.

Moreover, to the extent Mr. Urbanik condemns the violent people who came out after dark to work their havoc, I join in his condemnation. He does forget that there were occasions when cameras clearly show protesters were merely standing there but were clubbed and gassed regardless.  I

I write as Mr. Urbanik went too far and seemingly condemned good people with exactly the broad brush I was concerned about. I did not in any way or manner tar the overwhelming majority of officers or suggest a conspiracy due to the acts of a few!

Ed’s letter, I think, is actually a good example of scapegoating – as I mentioned before it’s a frustrating sign of these times which people of good will need to put an end to. As I said before this starts with rededication to facts.

In respect to Ed’s reference to the use of the National Guard, domestic assistance is one if their ordinary and constitutional roles. I was referring to the threat of using our Military domestically with which both current and past Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, multiple Admirals and Generals, and the still current Secretary of Defense have taken extreme issue or outright condemned!

I repeat this is still the United States of America. Our Constitution and laws should never be treated as an inconvenience. We need to pay attention when they flouted. Allies we have taken generations to cultivate are – and of our reactions.

Ed, we are better than this and can be better still.  That is our way.

Conrad F. Cropsey


Ed Fancher was tireless advocate for community

Posted 11 June 2020 at 3:10 pm


With all the news focused on the Coronavirus and George Floyd’s death and national reaction, it is easy to overlook local news that affects us, even in a big way.

A few weeks ago, Orleans County lost a huge advocate and contributor to our community in the person of Edward Fancher, Director of Orleans County Community Action.

I had the pleasure of knowing Ed both personally and professionally. We were both part of the Holy Family Church Choir together, along with his daughter, Janelle. I first knew his wife, Christine, however, even before Ed as Chris was an intern at Orleans County Department of Social Services, where I worked for many years before recently retiring.

I also had the honor of working with Ed professionally in our capacities while working for the community. If I had a client as a foster care/preventive caseworker who I felt was in desperate need of help, I could go to Ed and more so than not, Ed and Community Action, would be there to come through for those people in our county who needed it.

With the true meaning of the word “Christianity” being tossed about in this world, and country, to be minimalized, by people pretending to act like Jesus Christ did while on earth, I submit that Ed Fancher exhibited the authentic life of a person sincerely trying to live as Jesus would.

Ed Fancher will be missed by this county, his friends and his co-workers. I think we could all use our lives to reflect on people who are around us like Ed and try to treat others as we would want to be treated.

To Christine, Janelle, Justine and Kyle and all his grandchildren and family, I am so sorry for your loss. Ed was a great man and I am sorry you have lost him prematurely in this life. I am sure he is in heaven now having gone straight to God where he can hopefully look down on us and help this country, this world, even better where he stands. God bless you!

Gerry Golden