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letters to the editor

Albion resident seeks change from current ‘underwhelming’ leadership

Posted 18 March 2018 at 3:55 pm


The media is inundated with the ignobility of politics on the federal level and our cynicism of politicians continues to deepen. We like to think that if we held the reins, we would uphold the ideals of our democratic freedoms, especially as it pertains to free and fair elections. And yet, we have witnessed the opposite in our fair Village of Albion.

Mayoral candidate Kevin Doherty has been hindered in his campaign by the prevailing powers in a petulant act which is just par for the course in our Village. And yet, this eternal optimist actually expected the incumbent party to reach out with an offer for an alternative venue for Mr. Doherty, recognizing that it is important to protect the political freedoms of expression, conscience, association, and assembly, so that our citizens could make an informed decision on March 20th. Instead we appear to be subject to an imperious government that believes in some skewed notion of divine accession.

“To whom much has been given, much is required,” and as a tax-paying resident of the Village of Albion, I am underwhelmed by the current Village Board. Were it not for the tremendous investments and efforts of private citizens who have put their livelihoods on the line to bring commerce into our Village, our community has been wallowing in sullen inertia for far too long.

Effective leaders inspire, empower, and encourage. I don’t think that there is any argument that our Village is struggling mightily and if there ever was a time for inspiring leadership, it is now. We have a choice on Tuesday to either continue to preserve the present formula and hope for some miracle to change our trajectory or strike out to spark a change. Please consider the evidence and vote for a better future for Albion!

Maarit Vaga


Outside-village residents can have an opinion about Albion election

Posted 18 March 2018 at 2:56 pm


I would like to remind Pete Sidari  (regarding his criticism of outsiders chiming in on the village election) that many people that live outside of the Village of Albion shop in the village (or try to), drive through the village, or have children and grandchildren that go to school in the village. We also pay taxes via the library, which is in the village.

Decisions such has defunding the crossing guard have an impact on us all.  We may not be able to vote but we do have the right to speak.


Sue Smith

Gaines resident and former village resident for 14 years

Albion should elect new board members with diverse backgrounds

Posted 18 March 2018 at 9:42 am


Some people go to college and conclude that a Bachelor of Science degree means they may know more than they actually do. The college experience convinces some that they are “very stable geniuses” who “know more than the generals”. Humility isn’t one of their strong suits.

The Village of Albion might benefit from leadership that respects all its residents, regardless of what they wear to work, the part of town they live in, whether their hair is grey, dark, or blonde, or what their “ride” looks like.

If Albion is to experience a revival, it cannot matter whether a resident’s parents were sharecroppers turned migrant farm workers, quarrymen, county legislators, or dentists.

The March 20th ballot includes listeners who respect the people they wish to serve. It might even include people who aren’t seeking positions to provide material for a longer obituary.

After it is over, hopefully winners and losers will pull together for the good of a community that has a lot going for it. Regardless, there is an imperative to respect everyone and recognize that contributions and good ideas can come from people of widely varying backgrounds.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent


Albion village trustee states his support for Banker, Farone and Katsanis

Posted 18 March 2018 at 9:35 am


Although I am currently serving as a Trustee on the Village of Albion Board, I am also a taxpaying citizen of the Village. So I base this letter on the latter. There is currently a race for the Mayor and two Trustee positions on the Board. While all of the candidates seem to be vote-worthy, there are three that I offer my support to:

First, I support Eileen Banker for Mayor. Eileen has been on the Village Board for almost 8 years, serving four of those years as Deputy Mayor.  She is honest, hardworking, and very competent to help to move the village forward with all of the obstacles that are before us. She has a unique understanding of the many nuances of local, county, and state government. She has been a part of several cost-saving initiatives that are currently in process (solar power for the village buildings, looking into more shared services with other municipalities, investigating forming a fire district, etc.). I know how hard she will continue to work for us in Albion.

I support Stan Farone for one of the Trustee positions. Stan has brought a unique approach to village government, doing “town hall” meetings with taxpayers and involving himself in many village promotions through the Albion Betterment Committee. Stan understands the current situation in the village and is always willing to meet with citizens to come up with new ideas to help further the interests of the village.

I also support Gary Katsanis for the other Trustee position. I was able to serve with Gary during his two years on the board.  He is very intelligent and extremely meticulous; asking the right questions at the right times. I feel he is an asset to the village because of his tenacity and sense of commitment in getting to the bottom of every problem and situation he encounters.

Finally, I find it interesting that there are people outside the village chiming in with support for various candidates. It begs the question what their reasoning is for this support.Usually, when someone from the outside voices an opinion, it’s because of an agenda for themselves or someone else.

I know, without doubt, that Eileen Banker, Stan Farone, and Gary Katsanis have no agenda that is going to benefit anyone other than the taxpayers of the Village of Albion. I ask you for your support for them on March 20th.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Sidari


Shelby town government needs fair process for filling vacancies

Posted 17 March 2018 at 6:05 pm


On Jan. 2, 2018, I faxed my letter of interest for the available Shelby Town Board position to the Shelby Town Hall. I have the electronic confirmation stamp of the date and time. I also gave copies of the same letter to each member of the board that night at the board meeting.

For over two months, I waited for a reply. At one point, I heard in the community that the Shelby Republican Committee would be interviewing Town Board candidates. I expected to hear from the Shelby Republican Committee about the timeline or an interview date.

I recently learned the Shelby Republican Committee endorsed someone else, without granting me and another person who applied an interview. If there was another step in the process that we needed to take, the town and committee never informed us. I also find it disturbing that my letter was never acknowledged by either the town or the committee. My brother had the same experience recently when he applied for the Town Planning Board.

My local farming operation owns 28 properties in Shelby and leases another 10. I pay taxes on my home and 16 other properties in town. It is unprofessional and blatantly discriminatory for the town and the Shelby Republican Committee to completely ignore any taxpaying citizen’s formal inquiry seeking an open seat on any board.

I strongly advise town government to create a formal policy with effective oversight on how candidates are interviewed and chosen for available board positions. Town, zoning, planning, assessment review and other boards should be comprised of a cross-section of able-bodied people with different skills, ideas and opinions. With multiple applicants, there should be no back-door dealings, no members crossing over to serve on multiple committees throughout the town and county with blatant conflicts of interest, making ethically questionable decisions and discriminating against the same taxpaying citizens who helped put them in office and whose tax dollars pay the bills.

Whether elected, appointed or employed in local government at any level — officials and employees are duty-bound to serve the many, not the few.

Jim Zelazny


Retired Albion police officer says Banker, 2 trustees have his support in village election

Posted 17 March 2018 at 5:14 pm


I have lived in the Village of Albion my entire life of 57 years. I spent 20 years serving and protecting the Village of Albion community, the last 4-plus as number two in charge of the police department, as its lieutenant.

It is my understanding that there are two candidates running for mayor who wish to consider abolishing the police department. This would be detrimental to the safety of the residents of the Village of Albion.

There is one candidate for mayor and two trustees with experience and know that this would not be a good thing for our residents. For some apparent political reason, a retired legislator from another community, is attempting to influence the Village of Albion elections. Why!

There is only one way to vote Tuesday. Vote for your safety, and read between the lines. I’m voting Banker mayor, Farone and Katsanis trustees.

My family’s safety is very important to me. This is not political. It’s common sense!

Thomas K. O’Hearn


Retired lieutenant with Albion Police Department

Retired county legislator says Doherty is the right person for Albion mayor

Posted 17 March 2018 at 11:10 am


To the voters in the Village of Albion, I was your county legislator for 24 years and quickly learned the Village of Albion had issues that were driving away businesses and residents.

Taxes without an equal value of services made it difficult for property owners to maintain their homes as they once did. For the most part, your elected officials were good people but weren’t necessarily the right people to get the job done.

On Tuesday, March 20, you have a good person running for mayor who is also the right person for the job. Kevin Doherty is that person. As a county legislator, I had many occasions to work with Kevin, and found him to be an honest businessman, a team player and contractor who always gave full value to the county taxpayers.

He was and is very proud of his Albion community.

I encourage you to support Kevin Doherty with your vote. He is the right person for the job.

George Bower


Writer was offensive with tirade against wind energy supporters

Posted 16 March 2018 at 10:15 pm


The Hub printed a letter the morning of  March 7 from Kim Kennedy of Medina, which was filled with slurs and extremely negative adjectives when referring to Apex and the pro-wind turbine forces.

It is an extremely offensive tirade filled with nothing but distortions and exaggerations. It should offend all reasonable people on both sides of the issue.

Dennis Seekins


Many unknowns with Lighthouse Wind should stop project from going forward

Posted 16 March 2018 at 5:37 pm


It is of interest to me that Apex has sent a stipulation proposal for the Lighthouse wind farm. They have ignored that the general population that would be affected have rejected this project from the get go. There is not any area in the Town of Yates that would not be impacted.

There are many things to consider when evaluating this project, including the need. Just up the road is the Robert Moses power plant. It can produce 2,765 megawatts and is not being run at capacity. The power plant takes up only acres of space. That information by itself should stop this project.

Apex wants to develop 200 megawatts of power and requires 17 miles west to east to accomplish this project. Keep in mind that the town of Yates is only about 7 miles wide west to east and by 5 miles deep north to south. Acres to produce 2,765 megawatts compared to 17 miles to produce 200 megawatts. That info by itself should stop this project.

The State of New York constitution gives local governments the right to determine what happens in their jurisdiction and it is called Home Rule. Both the towns of Yates and Somerset have said no to this project. That should be enough to stop this project.

On Long Island a wind project being constructed has a required 30-mile setback. That distance was determined by the Governor. What will the setback be for Lighthouse Wind? We only have 5 miles to play with.  That information by itself should stop this project.

The life span of this project is only 30 years. I am pretty sure no one really knows how much property will be enslaved to the construction of this project. Eminent domain will be required to pass  through property not signed up for this project. There is no plan B concerning what happens after 30 years. Could new green technology be developed that replaces wind. What then?

What happens if turbines stop working in 15 years? Will Apex or new owners remove turbines when the life cycle is over at their expense? For this and many other questions concerning the construction and operation of this project should be enough to end this project.

All of the thoughts above should be enough to stop this project. There are other issues including health and the environment. I think I could also add neighbor against neighbor. Who wants any of those issues to affect them personally. Would Apex sign an agreement to stay with this project for the full life cycle? Going ahead with this project is like a poker hand, and you are drawing to an inside straight. The odds of succeeding are not very good.

Ray Watt


Lyndonville resident pleased to see commitment from developer with 2 local wind energy projects

Posted 16 March 2018 at 4:20 pm


It’s been reassuring, over the last several days, to see the progress being made by both the Lighthouse and the Heritage Wind projects. The steady, if sometimes halting march to sensible, sustainable energy is particularly gratifying to local observers who understand the importance of seeing these projects through the Article 10 process to completion.

Casting an eye to the Lighthouse project in particular, the flood of press releases from the town boards of Yates and Somerset, would lead you to falsely believe there is no local support for these projects. But incessant press releases are not the same as the truth, and in the anti-wind campaign, the full truth is seldom told: both of these projects are vastly beneficial for the environment, and for the economies of Niagara and Orleans counties.

The recent devastating news that the keystone operator in the Oakfield STAMP project had pulled the plug by backing out of its commitment to Genesee County, sent tremors throughout the region. Thankfully, the two wind projects are well down the road to approval and implementation, providing much-needed jobs and steady income to our depressed local economies.

Both town boards involved in the Lighthouse project have slipped from passionate demurring to obstructive obsession. Their collective poor judgment continues to exhibit hostility to agricultural interests, and drives a wedge in the community that even time will have difficulty healing.

Again, on behalf of the quiet, thinking majority, it’s good to see progress.

Ralph E. Smith