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letters to the editor

Miller is best choice for stable Murray government

Posted 21 September 2017 at 3:28 pm


I want to qualify myself a bit before I continue to voice my observations and opinion.

I am fast approaching “Senior Citizen Stage” and with that want you to know I have lived in the town of Murray better than 50 years. You may know me? I grew up here, went to school here and have participated in many areas of the community.

I have volunteered beyond my full-time employment and have been present coaching on youth soccer fields, Church council, hunter education instruction, mowing cemetery lawns, St. Vincent de Paul, Boy Scout leader and I am on the Town Planning Board among other interests.

I once thought there was greener grass elsewhere when I was younger and moved away but I returned to Murray. I chose a long time ago to live in a peaceful, quaint, solitary farmland community where all are relatives and friends that get along working together as a team. Running a town is not an individual effort.

In my resident tenure, I have never experienced any wrongdoing among the fine town executives we elected to represent us. I know some personalities have clashed but never has there been this type of disruption here in Murray until this 2017 race for Town Supervisor.

With my protracted stay in Murray I have worked alongside both candidates at one time or another.

I respect both men to a point and they are both strong opinionated people. I am sure in their own way want the best for our community.

But here is why I must side with one and are some of the antics that solidified my position. I have never been one that likes information that is half truths. I do not like it when information is taken out of context. I don’t like when running for one position you defame other highly respected elected or hired town officials. I don’t like when false accusations are made, facts are twisted, manipulated, misrepresented or misconstrued in a charlatan like manner. I don’t like when someone’s demeanor becomes out of hand at meetings and does not maintain self-control or order.

As an almost lifelong resident and from my perspective I will speak very highly of one of the candidates.

He will be a friend to all, kind, giving of himself and his time. Daily risking his life for others for over 30 years.  Representing New York State and upholding the highest standards of our United States.

Ethical, fair, faithful, reverent, dependable, excellent principles, listens to others’ concerns and their issues.  Educated, smart, law abiding and as he has stated is no one’s puppet. Has financial accountability and just one small example has shown that by the low-cost conservative campaign he is running. He has the fine qualities that were demanded by the State Of New York and is a retired New York State Investigator.

Vote Robert Miller! He and the town’s team will work for all the people. Robert will side with ethics and do the right thing for our town of Murray. With Robert, we will be family again in a unified community.

Miller’s demeanor will not allow the actions of others to influence anything other than a legal path to any issue brought before him.

The perfect choice for Town Supervisor for me as a longtime resident is New York State’s highly decorated and respected Robert Miller!

With Robert Miller leading Murray you will have no regrets. If there are any discrepancies Miller will address and act when and where necessary. This my friends isn’t status quo.

Let’s keep our community in a peaceful state.  He is not that guy who is always looking to disrupt and create havoc. He is not passing false information or trying to buy a vote.

Robert Miller is the positive choice for me and should be for smart voters too! I know this will bring rebuttal but there is nothing here that can be contested. Join me in electing the only stable choice I see that we have.  Please join me and vote Robert Miller this November!

Sincere Regards,

Neil Valentine

Town of Murray

Yates conservative candidate vows to push for tax decrease, fight ‘turbine giants’

Posted 18 September 2017 at 7:42 am


Now that the primaries are over, it is on to the November 7th elections. As a conservative, I did not have to fight for my position on the ballot but nonetheless I have been fighting for you at town meetings to sway the board’s decisions on the upcoming budget in the direction of a tax cut for the Town residents.

Between now and utopia the only way I can see to reduce the crushing burden on our residents is to reevaluate how things have been done for years and cut spending. Many of the suggestions are totally doable. It just will take the courage of the board to implement the fresh ideas. I’m here to help always.

We will be losing our only farmer left on the board and if elected can assure the farming community that with myself in that position I will protect the right to farm in this community. As farms are growing and truck traffic is increasing, not to mention odors. I will be an ally and someone who you can voice your concerns to. I will help you all I can. I will help to preserve our culture and way of life that is unique to the town of Yates and Lyndonville. Farming, hunting, fishing, the Second Amendment and the right to be left alone to pursue happiness.

We will continue to help battle the wind turbine giants that have turned this community upside down and are forcing themselves upon our Town despite being rebuked over and over again by the citizens that can see through this scam being perpetrated on Towns all over this state. They picked the wrong Town to mess with. We, together, will fight them and we will win.

I want to encourage young and all citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit that want to start businesses to take that dream and give it a shot. Right here in the town of Yates. This is something government can not do for you. It is up to you.

If elected I will help all I can to try to remove regulations and red tape at the town level to pave the way and get government out of your way so you can conduct business and contribute to the tax base. The answer to a vibrant town is you. It always has been. Believe in yourself.

With my long-term regular attendance at meetings and attending workshop meetings I will be ready at the January meeting to take the oath of office, pledge my fidelity to the constitution and hit the road running to work for you the citizens of the town of Yates.

I will, as I have said before, do this job for no pay. I believe in this service that much. We need a change up on the board. Help me help enhance this on November 7th. I ask for your vote. I will be on the conservative and independent line.

Paul Lauricella Jr.

Town of Yates candidate for councilman.

After GOP Primary defeat, Krull says he looks forward to general election in November

Posted 15 September 2017 at 3:10 pm


As we look back on the Republican Primary, it is what it is! We can’t stop thinking about this campaign. We want everyone to know we were honest and true all the way through.

We were not surprised to have two signs run over, eight signs missing, and one burned to the ground Tuesday night. We felt this was destructive and wrong. Only God knows who did this. We have way too much class to even go there.

My opponent has run my wife’s family into the ground. I do hope he benefits from this. Get over it. Let’s move forward to the November 7th election. Let’s make it a November to remember.

I am on the ballot on the Conservative line and the Independent line. I am a proud, hard-working, devoted Highway Superintendent, and am very proud of this.


Dave Krull, Carlton Highway Superintendent – “a non-politician!”

Dar Krull, Campaign Manager

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Comptroller’s report from 2014 shows need for changes in Murray

Posted 14 September 2017 at 9:49 am


After reading the NYS Comptroller’s report, written July 2014, and finding many numerous places the law has been broken, including money collected to pay down the water bonds and interest, and then using it for operating expenses. Shame, Shame!

This breaks local finance law! In addition, from fiscal years from 2009-2013, 35 inter-fund transfers totaling more than $3.7 million were made and five of those loans, totaling more than $1 million were not authorized by the board. The board’s failure to review and approve interfund advances, as required by law, limits its ability to monitor the town’s financial affairs.

As you continue reading the report, you will find six or seven major things by the board and supervisor that brings the comptroller to the point where he says, “Due to the poor condition of the Town’s financial records and reports, the Board was not in a position to appropriately evaluate the Town’s true financial condition or effectively monitor the Town’s financial operations.” Shame! Shame! Shame!

Mr. Sidonio brought to light that $286,000 was collected to pay down water debt and interest was not used for that purpose. We have been trying to find out for over a year where that money went and the board refuses to tell us! Shame, Shame!

I could go on forever, but I would rather take this time to thank Mr. Sidonio for enlightening the town, not only with the items I’ve mentioned, but many other things that need correcting!

I wish the present status quo would spend their time addressing the issues rather than to tear Joe down!

There are ten towns in Orleans County. In the last few years, we went from paying $2.00 per thousand for taxes, to $4.86. Shame!

We also were number two out of towns and now have gone to number seven, soon to be number eight!

By the way, I want to tell you about my friend Joe. He is a good man! I have known him for over 12 years and I have found him to be honest, a man that respects and loves his family. He does the best to help the elderly, he supports the youth in many different ways, especially at the 4-H. He cares for the people in the town of Murray and their future. Did you ever notice how he puts his phone number down and says, “Call me anytime! I want to help you!”

Joe is one of us and has the expertise to get us back on track.

I might mention that the present board is still breaking their own laws by voting in a person in January 2017 to the planning board, to a five-year term that is not a farmer, when section 810 says that one of the members must be a farmer!

The fact that Joe is successful business man and also has a degree in accounting, and knows what the bottom line means puts him at the top of the list for me when it comes to supervisor!

There is an old saying, “If you can’t elevate yourself above a man, then pull him down below yourself.”

To some of the current board members that are going around trying to tell people how bad Joe is, make sure you hand out a copy of the NYS Comptroller’s report, showing what a bad job you did as our representatives. I feel like Donald Trump: It’s time to drain the swamp!!

Yours truly,

David Piedmonte


Wind farms aren’t a good fit in Orleans County with so much wildlife

Posted 14 September 2017 at 7:20 am


Not sure why I bother, as those who possess intelligence the rest of us lack will follow a murky master plan in pursuit of their own agenda anyway. As long as they have an “R” beside their names, it is all good on election day. The silent majority sometimes seems oblivious to the fact that they live in a democracy.

Nonetheless, general election voters might consider where their choice for town supervisor stands on wind energy locally. Wind farms are great fits for industrial wastelands, abandoned oil fields and other “moonscape” locations. Those who mistakenly view Orleans County as desolate due to a shortage of neon signage may be missing something a bit more subtle.

Orleans County can continue to be a habitat diverse “Mecca” for birds and wildlife in general. But its attractiveness to wildlife –and those who appreciate such assets – can be degraded by the siting realities of industrial wind turbines. Where will turbines be sited if they have to be 1,200-1,500 feet from dwellings and roads? In most instances they will be erected In the middle of an existing woodlot.

John Riggi, Jim Simon and others have done a good job making the case against wind turbines in Yates.  But Yates is not appreciably different from Orleans County’s other nine towns.

Will degrading much of the county’s natural environment be added to the list of mistakes that includes the sale of a Four Star County Nursing Home? The entire county is in the Atlantic Flyway. This is not fake news. In my opinion, wind “farms” – a good idea under the right circumstances – don’t belong here.

We need more decision makers who are willing to take the path of greatest resistance and are willing to fight to protect one of Orleans County’s more valuable assets.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent


Yates voters made another strong statement in primary against turbine project

Posted 13 September 2017 at 11:01 am


The Republican primary was held yesterday. The voters in Yates have spoken. The pro-Lighthouse Wind candidate was soundly defeated. That speaks volumes.

Votes indicate a strong opposition to Lighthouse Wind, in spite of all the payouts Apex is spreading around to various groups attempting to curry favor with the community. It is interesting that the money that Apex has is plentiful because they operate using your own tax dollars. The hot dogs, sponsorships and all else is funded by you and me.

The majority of residents of my town (Somerset) and Yates are not fooled by the actions of a wind developer. They don’t want the industrialization of their beautiful towns by a company who stands to gain millions permanently transforming it to a 12-mile corridor of noise and blinking strobes.

Industrial wind turbines will not enhance the town nor make it a magnet for new families that will want to nestle into homes amid these hulking towers.

It is clear that those who cared enough to go to the voting booth yesterday spoke loudly and clearly against the project.

Christine Bronson


Lighthouse Wind represents an opportunity for Yates to grow and not become a ghost town

Posted 12 September 2017 at 3:00 pm


To the Town of Yates residents, I would like to correct some statements that have been made about Apex and the Lighthouse Wind project.

I have been told “The wind project will do nothing for me or anyone else,” “The only ones that will benefit are the greedy landowners,” and “Apex will do nothing for this Town.”

Apex has already contributed monies in our community as well as other communities. Here are a few of the donations/sponsorships APEX has made:

1. Lighthouse Optimist Soccer League, donation to supply free hot dogs during soccer games for 2 years.

2. Donation for the fireworks on the 4th of July and had an information booth at the craft show for the past 2 years.

3. Donations to the Orleans and Niagara County fairs to help keep the admission cost low.

4. Hospice of Orleans golf tournament for 2 years.

5. Barker music boosters for costumes.

6. Order of the Eastern Star golf tournament. Sponsored 2 holes with part of the proceeds going to Veterans Hospital in Batavia.

7. Medina Central School – Destination of the Imagination. Sponsored 2 students travel and expenses to compete in the Global competition in Tennessee.

8. Donated funds for a baseball dugout in Lyndonville.

I ask each of you to take a moment to look back 40 years when the NYSEG power project was a big

issue. A number of people were against it. Our Town Board nipped it in the bud. So the project was put in Barker. Look what it did for them. Lower or no taxes, monetary help for the Town of Somerset, the Village of Barker, and the Barker School system. Thanks to our forefathers, we lost that one. Now we have another opportunity to help our town flourish. As Town residents are you willing to let this opportunity slip away too? I am not.

When the Lighthouse Wind project comes to the Town of Yates, we will receive monies to hopefully reduce, or eliminate, our Town taxes, build better roads, invite business to come here and give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to have a reason to stay here. It is pretty sad to have to go to Medina or elsewhere to shop for your groceries, clothes, Christmas shopping, etc.

Town of Yates residents: Take a good look at our Town. What do you see? Let us stand as a whole town and support the Lighthouse Wind Project. Let us not support SOS and their

inadequate information. Fight to help our town grow and not become a GHOST TOWN.

I urge all supporters of the wind project and those who really care about their town to step forward and make your voices heard.

Mr. Simon, Mr. Riggi – This is not all about you and what you want. You have one objective as Town of Yates officers – to represent only those against the wind project. The rest of us have no representation from you, otherwise you would take our concerns seriously.

Donna Bane


Murray employee urges support for Bob Miller

Posted 12 September 2017 at 1:07 pm


With all that has been going on in regards to the Primary Election today for Town of Murray Supervisor, I feel the need to say a few things. When I started working for the Town of Murray nine years ago, I didn’t know much about how town government worked, but I have learned a lot. What I know is that, despite what you may have heard, the Town of Murray actually works very well!

Our current Board (which includes Bob Miller), as well as past Boards, takes great care in how they spend our money. Yes, we are all taxpayers, too. There is not a lot of waste here. I personally submit each and every invoice from the highway and water department for payment. I billed Lloyd Christ for his hydrant use, as I do with every other hydrant user. He paid that bill. Mr. Sidonio reported the famous hydrant issue to the police. It was reported to the Health Department. Ed Morgan, along with our attorney, Jeff Martin, went to a hearing at the Health Department, and it was determined that no violation had occurred, no fines; we won the case. End of story.

We are audited by an independent auditor each and every year. Our water accounts are thoroughly gone over. We had a NYS audit a few years ago and yes, they found a few things that we should have done differently with the courtroom project, but there was and never has been any money missing, as some would like to infer. If there were any issues at all, we would have been fined. If there were any problems, Rural Development would not continue to give us grants and loans toward additional water districts. It is ridiculous for anyone to imply that we (employees, dept. heads, supervisor, board members, etc.) are making out like bandits. How?? In what way?? We are all here doing our jobs, trying to serve and help the residents and taking pride in our jobs.

Mr. Sidonio is going around, telling people what they want to hear, whether it is true or not. He has told residents or made these false statements:

Your assessment will go up because you put in a new driveway… Not true.

When I am supervisor, you will not need a permit for a junkyard… Not true.

All of the vehicles and equipment are leased… Not true.

Town officials’ assessments do not get increased… Not true.

We tried three times to get the grant for our new truck… Not true.

We have endured double digit tax increases… Not true. (unless you add enough years together)

He tried multiple times to talk to Ed Morgan with no success… Not true.

Employees and officials are corrupt and unethical… Not true!

Joe Sidonio is not a victim. He simply puts a spin on everything so that he looks like one and to advance his own cause. He complains that he and his family are being victimized, forgetting all the mud that he has slung himself, forgetting the careers and families he and his crew have attacked from the very start

We have been incredibly lucky to have Ed Morgan as Highway/Water Supt. His experience, knowledge, hard work and dedication to this town is invaluable. Jeff Martin is one of the top lawyers in this state (corporate or otherwise) and we could not have a more honest and fair man working for us. Everyone from the board members, assessor, clerks, highway workers & judges are honest and dedicated and I take offense to anyone saying otherwise.

Bob Miller is, by far, the best candidate for the job of Supervisor of the Town of Murray. He will have an open door for anyone that has issues or concerns. He will make improvements where they need to be made. He is running with Paul Hendel and Mike Mele. Both are intelligent, honest and sensible people who are ready do good work for our town.

Vote for the candidates you can rely on to represent us…all of us.

Louise Passarell

Town of Murray

Yates resident urges support for Howard Pierce in primary

Posted 12 September 2017 at 12:50 pm


In Yates, an important vote is happening today. It’s a chance to change the current dialogue in the town and focus on the future of Yates. Let’s start looking at plans to lower taxes, create new revenue sources and conduct civil discussions.

Howard Pierce fits the bill. He has lived in Yates since 1973 and raised his family here. He wants to bring the right investments to Yates and lower taxes for everyone.

Today is chance to vote for fairness, balance and new ideas. Let’s vote for someone who isn’t laser focused on one issue and wants to talk about the future in our town.

Vote Hope and Prosperity!

Linda Fisk


Pencille has shown dedication to community, opposition to quarry in Shelby

Posted 12 September 2017 at 7:42 am


This is addressed to the voters of the Town of Shelby. I read Mr. Houseknecht’s campaign ad in the Pennysaver today. I saw nothing about his education only his job experiences. I also was confused as to how he stands on the stone quarry issue.

The Shelby residents have been working very hard, led by Wendi Pencille for 11 years, to stop this quarry from being built on a country road next to the swamps where endangered birds visit every year. All Mr. Houseknecht said was he was going to tackle this. Does this mean he will work to stop this as this is what the Shelby residents want, or will he promote this change to our quiet country living?

Wendi Pencille has made it very clear how she stands on this. She is a very caring person who volunteers to take in sick and injured animals and rehabilitates them back to wellness so they can be returned to environment. As President of the Medina School Board, Wendi was able to work with people to keep our school taxes from increasing. I know she will do the same as Supervisor of the Town of Shelby.

Wendi graduated from Cornell University School of Agriculture. Wendi attends the town meetings on a regular basis so she knows what goes on in our town. How many town meeting has the other candidate attended in the past? We need someone committed to the job. Let’s really make a difference and vote the most qualified candidate for The Town of Shelby Supervisor.

Shirley Printup


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