Orleans YMCA Happenings

Contributed Story Posted 10 April 2014 at 12:00 am

Spring Indoor Volleyball

With playoffs only a few week away, every team this week knew they had to come out with a win. In our first matchup of C division, 1st place Main Liquor took on Set on The Beach. It looked like the usual as Main won the first game 25-21 but Sue Miller and her son Jake weren’t going to lay down that easy. Beach stormed back in dramatic fashion, taking the next two games and winning the match 2-1 with a score of 71-66. Most importantly they showed that Main is beatable.

In the next match Misfits took on Just Us. Adam Graff took control of the match from the start. He came out hot throwing down screaming spikes at the opposing team. Just Us fought back and was able to pull out the last game 26-24. Misfits were still happy with the performance and took the match 2-1 with a score of 74-70.

Moving on to our B division, Bridget’s Bashers took on Baxter in a thrilling three-game match. In the first game each team went back and forth, but Bridget’s were able to narrowly win the game 25-23. The next game it was all Baxter as they took it to Bridget’s winning the game 25-19. Jamie Glass had a strong showing in game three that led to Bridget’s Bashers winning the game and match 2-1 with a score of 69-65.

Next up was two juggernauts colliding, with first place Victorious Secret taking on Eddie’s Block Party. Marty Slack came out roaring leading his team to 9-1 lead but Secret battled tooth and nail to come out on top 26-24 in the first game. James Tee took over the second game, pulling out all the spots. The other team just couldn’t keep up as Secret took game two 25-22.

Jen Slack wasn’t planning on getting swept for a second time. Riley Welker was on point as he put his team in the lead to win game three 25-21. Zach Welker finished the game off with powerful, shattering spike. Even with that loss Victorious Secret would take the match 2-1 with a score of 72-71.

These two teams have played each other in the last two semi finals match and it looks like history may repeat itself. But could this be the year that Jen and Marty Slack finally get the better of archrival Danny Anderson?

In our last match of B division, defending champs Cupcakes took on Dem Apples. Cupcakes, not wanting to fall behind Victorious Secret, made sure to take care of business this week. Mike Crane was on in all three games, by getting his teammates involved and leading his team to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-30. Katie and Chris Oakes had a strong play but it wasn’t enough to dethrone Cupcakes.

Moving forward to our A division, Zacher Construction looked to keep their perfect season alive as they took on T-Shirts Etc. With T-Shirts Etc missing their main hitter, Zacher took full advantage and unleashed a flurry of spikes by Bill Maryniak and Ben Wadhams. They made quick work as they cruised to a 3-0 victory with a score of 75-42.

In their double header T-Shirts had to play against SWAT Team. Zach Beecher destroyed tons of perfect sets by Marie Zimmerman as they made it look easy to get points against the top teams. T-Shirts, tired from their first game, couldn’t find their stride as they fell 3-0 with a score of 75-49.

In our final match of A division Mustangs took on Bumpin Uglies. With the absent of Tim Lincoln, Mustangs looked to dig deep to come out with the victory. Cliff Brown wasn’t having any of it as he was just too much for the young team. Bumpin Uglies continued their winning ways as they steamrolled to a 3-0 victory with a score of 75-53.

Adult Floor Hockey

In our final regular season week of adult floor hockey, every game had an impact on the playoff standing. First off No Names looked for an undefeated season, took on Roberts Farm Market. Jeff Stanton was determined to keep the 0 in the lose column. The two teams battled the first period. No Names were too strong as they pulled away from 1-1 to win the game 7-1.

The next game Avanti’s took on Knights. Looking to finish off strong, Knights brought their whole 15 man team. All that man power wasn’t able to propel them to victory, as Avanti’s held strong and won 6-4.

In our final game of the season Gator Gang took on Avengers. It was back and forth. After the first period Gator Gang had the lead 2-0 but Avengers wouldn’t lie down as they took the lead 4-3. Team captain Tim Demmer didn’t want to go out in a lose as they made one last push. They scored two late goals to take the game 6-4.

Next week is playoffs and its win or go home for all these teams. Will we have a repeat champ or will a newcomer come steal the crown?