Yates will suspend mask requirement at town facilities

Posted 25 January 2022 at 1:23 pm

Press Release, Yates Town Board

YATES – Unlike the NYS Department of Education, the Town of Yates will immediately implement the order of Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Thomas Rademaker declaring the statewide mask mandate unconstitutional.

The Yates Town Supervisor, Jim Simon, was pleased with the judge’s decision but dismayed at the state’s response.

“It is heartening to see that Judge Rademaker had the wisdom and the fortitude to curtail the executive overreach of Governor Hochul. However, it is unsettling to learn that our state education department will not comply,” Simon said. “Every New Yorker – whether politically left, right or center – should be worried about state agencies ignoring our state judiciary.”

Yates Town Board members Harold Suhr and Susan Hrovat, also members of the Lyndonville School Board, called for the school to lift the mask mandate, “Masks should be optional, period,” they said.

Editor’s Note: The Town Board said masks will no longer be mandated at all town facilities for employees and visitors to the Town Hall and Highway Garage.