Yates voters made another strong statement in primary against turbine project

Posted 13 September 2017 at 11:01 am


The Republican primary was held yesterday. The voters in Yates have spoken. The pro-Lighthouse Wind candidate was soundly defeated. That speaks volumes.

Votes indicate a strong opposition to Lighthouse Wind, in spite of all the payouts Apex is spreading around to various groups attempting to curry favor with the community. It is interesting that the money that Apex has is plentiful because they operate using your own tax dollars. The hot dogs, sponsorships and all else is funded by you and me.

The majority of residents of my town (Somerset) and Yates are not fooled by the actions of a wind developer. They don’t want the industrialization of their beautiful towns by a company who stands to gain millions permanently transforming it to a 12-mile corridor of noise and blinking strobes.

Industrial wind turbines will not enhance the town nor make it a magnet for new families that will want to nestle into homes amid these hulking towers.

It is clear that those who cared enough to go to the voting booth yesterday spoke loudly and clearly against the project.

Christine Bronson