Yates town supervisor wants to keep building on successes, remains opposed to turbine project

Posted 2 November 2019 at 8:36 am


I encourage all readers to exercise one of the most powerful rights we have as Americans and get out and vote on November 5th.

I was truly surprised how much each vote matters when I was elected on a write-in campaign four years ago with a thin margin.

Since that election, and another one two years ago, I have tried to serve all residents in the Town of Yates – whether they voted for me or not. I have also tried, alongside my colleagues on the town board (those who agree with me and those who don’t) to chart a course for the future that is inclusive and takes into account all of the blessings we have in Yates: prime agricultural land, a beautiful lakeshore, quiet rural neighborhoods and world-renowned migratory bird pathways and habitats (just to name a few).

Unfortunately, I must report that we have yet to convince Apex Clean Energy to leave town.  The overwhelming majority of Yates residents are against this ill-conceived industrial wind turbine proposal, and yet Apex continues to divide us with their presence. In fact, we are consistently treated as second-class citizens. I co-wrote a letter with Somerset Town Supervisor Dan Engert to Apex CEO Mark Goodwin dated July 24, 2019, asking him to cancel the Lighthouse Wind project. No reply as of the 1st of November. This is indefensible hubris.  Citizens of Barre beware.

Meanwhile, these past few years have been exciting! We expanded the water district, updated the Employee Handbook, revised the Western Orleans Comprehensive Plan and updated our union contract and several town policies.5

We are also in the process of stabilizing the town park from lakeshore flooding. We are grateful recipients of $2.5 million from the state to enhance the town park. We formed a task force comprised of Yates citizens from all walks of life to help us design our new park in a way that best serves the needs of the public.

I ask for your vote, and please vote for John Riggi and Susan Hrovat for Yates Town Councilpersons.

Very respectfully,

Jim Simon