Yates town supervisor doesn’t reject renewable energy, but wants local communities to decide fate

Posted 18 November 2017 at 4:43 pm


In the letter from Yates Town Supervisor Jim Simon regarding the Renewables Roundtable, he objected to his input and the perspective of rural upstate residents being disregarded in a released publication.

A careful reader also sees that Mr. Simon did not reject renewable energy; what he actually wrote was “Finally, who should decide how each New York town will contribute to a more sustainable future? If your answer is the wind turbine companies and the leaseholders, then you invite division, acrimony and toxicity, and you underestimate the power of subsidiarity, home rule and — most importantly — the people.”

In other words, all upstate rural residents deserve to decide through Home Rule. We are all for renewable energy. Lighthouse Wind is the wrong project for our two communities.

Christine Bronson


Town of Somerset