Yates Town Board responds to candidate’s claims about spending

Posted 1 November 2021 at 8:39 am


We appreciate the First Amendment right to free speech afforded by the Orleans Hub. In this run up to the election, it is important for all voices to be heard.  And as the saying attributed to Daniel Patrick Moynihan goes, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

Speaking of opinion, we would like to set the record straight – with all due respect – regarding four of the most obvious erroneous statements made by Mr. Paul Lauricella, Jr., in his latest letters to editors and campaign ads (his claims in quotations below).

“No money in accounts for new highway equipment.”

– False. Total Highway Reserve as of January 2021 is $310,232 (DA = $40,833 and DB = $269,399; please refer to pages 21 and 29 of the Annual Financial Update Document submitted to NYS Comptroller in July 2021).

“3 years $86,000 missing in our A Account still not fixed.”

– False. Money was never “missing” – the comptroller’s audit found absolutely zero missing funds (please refer to the 2018 Town of Yates Corrective Action Plan posted @ townofyates.org).

“Paying $14,000 additional annually on software for private bookkeeping firm. Town turned down lower bid.”

– False. Actual annual bookkeeping software cost has been approximately $4,500, but projection for 2022 is $3,170 (please see 2022 Preliminary Budget, account A.1220.400, page 4, posted @ townofyates.org). Sought bids two years ago and all were higher than the current bookkeeping cost.

“Broken contract with our fire department.”

–  False. We still have a completely intact contract with the Lyndonville Fire Company, and we truly appreciate and support the outstanding service they provide our town. The town pays 80% of their annual budget, and we increased the town’s contribution to the fire company from $66,000 in 2016 to $120,200 in 2022 (please see 2022 Preliminary Budget, page 26, account SF.1001, posted @ townofyates.org).

Facts are powerful things.


The Yates Town Board – Jim Simon, John Riggi, Harold Suhr, Susan Hrovat, Terry Chaffee, Jr.