Yates Town Board opposes all remaining Covid mandates from NYS

Posted 13 February 2022 at 9:19 am

Press Release, Yates Town Board

YATES – On February 10, 2022, the Yates Town Board on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution opposing all remaining Covid-19 mandates in New York State.

Jim Simon

Resolution No. 35-2/22 reads, in part:

“Whereas, the Covid-19 mandates in NY since March of 2020 included unconstitutional lockdowns, capacity limits, restrictions on hospital and nursing home visits to loved ones, compulsory masking, vaccine requirements for employment and public access, and curtailments of free speech, and,

“Whereas, many states imposed very few Covid-19 mandates and have had no increased incidences of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths compared to those states with severe restrictions like NY,… be it “Resolved, the Town of Yates is opposed to all Covid-19 mandates, and… that the Town calls upon NY to conduct a bipartisan review of Covid-19 mandates and their deleterious effects on New Yorkers.”

Town Deputy Supervisor John Riggi emphasized that NY is just now admitting that they no longer have compelling data or studies that prove the mandates were (or are) efficacious.

“Over 40 states have lifted most if not all of their Covid-19 mandates, including vaccine passes and masking indoors and in K-12 schools,” Riggi said.  “When will NY admit that states like Texas and Florida – states that lifted their mandates over a year ago with no statistical difference in public health outcomes – were right all along?”

Town Supervisor Jim Simon highlighted the recommendations of the Great Barrington Declaration authored by Dr. Kulldorff (Harvard), Dr. Gupta (Oxford), and Dr. Bhattacharya (Stanford) on October 4, 2020, and signed by thousands of doctors, scientists and health care professionals world-wide.

“At first, these medical experts were ignored,” Simon said. “Then they were attacked and vilified for political reasons. Turns out their key recommendation of ‘Focused Protection’ is exactly what we should have done all along!”