Yates Town Board candidate wants to see community prosper

Posted 26 August 2017 at 8:23 am


I grew up in a small town in New York and I’ve lived in Yates most of my adult life. I raised my family here… my heart is here. I served my country in the United States Air Force and now I want to serve my community.

I’m tired of seeing businesses boarded up and families struggling. We’re not doing enough to attract new businesses and investment to Yates. My focus is on attracting the right investments to Yates, bringing business back and lowering taxes for everyone.

I support economic development that will work with the community and bring jobs and income into our area to lower taxes. We are a heavily taxed area.

I believe we need businesses that will work within our existing infrastructure. That isn’t an easy task since we don’t have the money to build out our water lines and drainage. We must work together to determine which new businesses can reliably operate in our town given our location and infrastructure limitations.

To bring families in, we need companies to invest in this area and bring jobs. The money invested can help us lower taxes and improve the area we live in.

Finally, I believe we need all the facts on the wind farm before we decide whether to support it as a community. At this point we don’t know how many turbines they are proposing for Yates, or what the potential economic benefit could be for landowners, the town, and the school district.  We need this information to make an informed decision.

I want to restore HOPE and PROSPERITY to our hometown…for our families…

That’s why I’m running for Yates Town Councilman!

Howard Pierce