Yates taxpayers shouldn’t pay half the legal costs of fighting turbines when most are planned for Somerset

Posted 5 October 2018 at 7:52 am


Back several years ago, the Lyndonville School Board, envisioning declining population, made an attempt to discuss a school merger with Barker.

The Lyndonville School Board decided to let the voters make the choice to pursue a merger. Barker’s board rejected the merger without a public vote. I attended the public hearings, the common remark from the Barker meetings – “We are not here to subsidize the Lyndonville tax payer.”

Evidently they were unwilling to share in the revenues generated from the coal plant. Little did anyone realize at the time that Cuomo and Obama would declare war on coal and natural gas. We need to go green and subsidize unreliable wind and solar and raise the cost of electric.

The Somerset plant no longer produces the tax revenues it once did. The declaration of evil coal was within two years of that merger study. A merger sure would have made sense for both parties.

The question I have for our Yates Town Board: Why are we willing to subsidize the Somerset tax payers on the legal fight with a 50/50 split. The split should have been 80/20 at best. We are not hear to subsidize the Somerset tax payers.

Edward Urbanik