Yates, Somerset officials pass restrictive wind energy laws when they should be embracing Lighthouse Wind

Posted 21 February 2018 at 9:51 am


After researching science-based sources, I have come to the conclusion that wind power is safe for humans and all living things and it is a necessary step in curtailing the devastating damage that fossil fuels are doing to the earth.

Future generations depend on us to make responsible decisions to ensure a livable earth for them, and anyone who is truly concerned with the “health, safety and welfare of our citizens for current and future generations” would be working to do everything they can to stop the devastation that fossil fuels are causing our planet.

There are many supporters for the Lighthouse Wind project. The benefits to both Yates and Somerset, two counties and two school districts will be a welcome boost that cannot be ignored just because there is a small, very vocal group against this project.

News stories have reported that “Apex Clean Energy has proposed building up to 70 turbines, each up to 620 feet tall…the tallest turbines in the nation.” Rumors have the heights as high as 700 feet. According to whom? Lighthouse Wind has not filed an application yet. No number of turbines nor height has been confirmed.

Yates and Somerset now have the most restrictive wind laws in the state of New York. Somerset’s coal plant is closing, taxes are rising there 113%, and just wait until both the Yates and Somerset schools need money. There is none. There are no plans for the future in either town other than stopping the wind farm. Then what? Our taxes will continue to rise, there will be no jobs, no reason for people to stay here.

A wind farm could change our future and give our area financial security for some time, not to mention it could make our area more attractive for other development.

We have no plan for the future, and we know the old saying: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Lighthouse Wind is due a careful consideration rather than an outright ban.

Susan Campbell