Yates, Somerset aren’t alone in speaking out against NY power grab in siting wind turbines

Posted 12 August 2016 at 5:28 pm


As a Yates Town Councilman trying to defend my constituents’ right of home rule, I note with interest the following comment from Town of Lyme (NY) Supervisor Scott Aubertine entered into the public record of New York State Public Service Commission Case #12-F-0575 in the matter of Horse Creek Wind Farm, LLC. Comment is as follows:

“A large majority of the residents of the Town of Lyme expressed their opinions regarding the location of wind turbines in the town by taking the time to fill out and return to the town board a detailed survey. The results of that survey showed a large majority of town residents were opposed to wind turbines in the town. Experienced and knowledgeable citizens worked with the Town Planning Board to incorporate the results of the survey and develop a law that met with the wishes of the residents of the Town of Lyme.

“For Governor Cuomo and New York State to override the home rule law of local municipalities is unfair and unjust. The Power of NY Act of 2011 removes the decision making process from the officials elected by its residents to make decisions according to their wishes and in their best interests. The new law does not even require the developers to follow the zoning process that is required of every other individual, company or entity.

“For the State to override local law and not require the wind developers to, at least, go through the local zoning process borders on socialist dictates. The Power of NY Act of 2011 follows a disturbing trend in New York State to remove powers from local jurisdictions and ignores the desires and wishes of the people of that jurisdiction, who are also residents of New York State.”

Mr. Aubertine’s comment to the DPS regarding the Horse Creek Wind Farm, LLC rings as true in Lyme, NY as it does in Yates, Somerset and every other town in New York State that is currently fighting wind projects.

The Power of NY Act of 2011 (aka: Article 10) has stolen the right of home rule away from my town and all towns that stand in the way of what Albany craves and covets – the reduction of rural New York State in to a massive complex of industrial wind turbine factories.

Article 10 and the loss of home rule give a new and ominous meaning to the acronym – NIMBY – Next It Might Be You.

Thank you,
John B. Riggi
Councilman, Town of Yates