Yates should seize opportunity presented by Lighthouse Wind

Posted 31 August 2016 at 12:09 pm


I would like to make a couple of observations concerning the Lighthouse Wind Project.  In Mr. Riggi’s letter in July about the Lighthouse Wind signs being posted in The Town of Ridgeway, Riggi writes: “Has Apex now also targeted Ridgeway for Industrial Wind Turbines?” Much to his surprise, there are wind project supporters throughout Orleans County.

I have also seen Save Ontario Shores signs in the Town of Ridgeway and Village of Middleport. It’s called freedom to support for or against. However, I do find it presumptuous of Mr. Riggi to assume that Apex is targeting the Town of Ridgeway for wind turbines.

This is the kind of intimidation moves that Mr. Riggi, and SOS have pushed on a lot of people with their un-substantiated facts.

At the Yates Town Board meeting on August 11, Mr. Barth (anti-Lighthouse Wind) suggested that our town utilize the Town of Somerset’s Attorney (anti-Lighthouse Wind) as it  would be cheaper for the towns moving forward. In other words, fire the attorney who is representing us. Is this another rail road job to the Town of Yates residents who are fighting so hard for the wind project to become a reality?

The Town of Yates has done a wonderful job taking care of our town for the betterment of our town, way before Mr. Simon and Mr. Riggi were elected. I think it would be a big mistake to join forces with the Town of Somerset.

We are two separate towns with two different ideas on what is best for our Town. We should not turn over our town’s decisions to the Town of Somerset’s attorney concerning a project of this importance for the Town of Yates.

Many years ago, the Town of Yates let the Somerset power project slip through our fingers. The residents of this town should band together and not let this project slip by us.

With the rising taxes, bringing a few new businesses into the town is not going to solve our problems. Take a hard look at the towns with wind farms and how they have benefited. This could be us.

When I look out across my yard, what a beautiful sight it would be to see a wind turbine against God’s beautiful sunset.  One I truly hope becomes a reality for our town’s success.

Donna Bane

Town of Yates