Yates resident not in favor of $2.5 million project at Yates Town Park

Posted 17 December 2019 at 11:17 am


On Wednesday, December 18, at 5 p.m., a meeting at the Lyndonville Village Hall (next to library) will be held open to the public.

At this meeting the Town of Yates Expansion Task Force will be available to answer any and all concerns of the proposed changes to the already undesirable Yates Town Park. This park was built in the mid-2000s to hopefully build community spirit.

If our elected officials would be in tune with our concerns instead of their own personal agenda, they would admit the park is a failure. Do we want to continue to pay with our taxes the $10,000 a year to maintain this park for the use of criminal activity that currently exists? Or do we say, “No more!”

Come voice your concerns on Wednesday. It is better to speak out now before it is too late to turn back versus complaining in a few years when our taxes are increased to cover enhanced costs plus the decrease of property on the tax rolls.

Do we want to accept the $2.5 million grant which we (New York State taxpayer) cannot afford to be wasted on a project that does not benefit the entire community. Come be an informed resident rather than an uninformed hearsay repeater!

Concerned Yates Taxpayer,

William Jurinich