Yates resident not happy with Collins, Ortt and some Yates officials for turbine opposition

Posted 6 November 2016 at 9:20 pm


It is with great interest that I read Bob Harker’s letter.  I agree with him 100 percent. Congressman Collins and Senator Ortt are in the back pocket of SOS.

Yesterday I sent a letter to both, stating after voting Republican in every election since 1961, it is with a sad heart, I would not be voting for either one of them on Tuesday. As Mr. Harker stated, “SOS members are misinformed and very selfish.”

As a former military member (Air Force) it’s easy to understand why the KC135 tankers are coming back to Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station. All of the underground storage tanks and fuel pumps are still in place from when the tankers were before.

Both Col. Joseph D. Janik, Operations Group Commander of the 914th Airlift Wing, and retired Col. David Belote have stated that the Lighthouse Wind Farm would not affect the Air Base with its new mission now or in the future. We should trust these two men, who both have the knowledge and experience.  Col. Belote was an F16 pilot and the youngest Air Force Base Commander of Nellist Air Force Base.  After retirement, Col. Belote helped establish the DOD Siting Clearinghouse.

The next letter I would like to comment on is the one written by Councilman Riggi and also signed by Supervisor Simon. Both of these officials are also in the back pocket of SOS.

At last check I did not find the Lake Ontario Shoreline anywhere in the Town of Barre. As a taxpayer in the Town of Yates, I feel the two men were elected by our Town to do our Town Business.

Since they took office in January 2016, they have done absolutely nothing to bring new business, new residents, or new tax money into our Town as they promised at election time last year. All they have done is spend money on attorney fees fighting the Lighthouse Wind Project, money which the Town doesn’t have.

Contrary to their belief, a wind farm might tell the public that the Town of Yates is a progressive Town and bring new business and much needed revenue to Our Town. In closing, I’m sure that the elected officials of the Town of Barre are very capable of running their own town.

Yours Truly,

Howard L. Pierce