Yates resident doesn’t like September, January due to sting of tax bills

Posted 4 September 2023 at 3:33 pm


My least favorite months are September and January. School and Library, then Town and County tax bills. I am not pleased. My taxes went up $101.00 over last year.

They have been on the steady up creep for the last 3 or 4 years. Why is this? School districts are heavily subsidized by the tax payers of the entire state. So why is this happening?

Is there no discipline when it comes to spending? Nothing that can be trimmed down or out of the budget? As a businessman I cannot believe that.

I want to remind both boards that staying within the tax cap is not and should never be the measure that is used for a successful budget. That is a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl big loss and in these recent times predictably choking during the playoffs.

Only you are losing with taxpayer money. Why should anyone vote for any of you ever again. The taxpayer should always come first.

Without the fleecing of state and local taxpayers year in and year out public entities could not operate. Bloated labor contracts, waste, and other programs and functions could not take place.

You are killing us with 1%, 2%, whatever % you inflict on us, year after year. After a while those percents add up to a good chunk of our flesh. Enough already with the tax increases.

No wonder people are leaving this area and this state in droves. It’s not just Albany’s fault. There is blame locally. Do I have to run for School Board?

Paul Lauricella