Yates elected officials and residents urged to keep an open mind on Lighthouse Wind

Posted 14 November 2017 at 4:34 pm


Jim Simon’s latest letter to the Orleans Hub shows his juvenile way of looking at things. When the results aren’t what he wants, he quits. The Renewables on the Ground Roundtable is just one example.

He and John Riggi also both abstained from voting recently on Apex’s final met tower. Apex bent over backwards to cooperatively work with the town’s requests over the past year and a half, and they can’t even vote!?

And, as to Riggi’s latest Letter to the Editor…There are those of us that see Simon and Riggi and members of SOS as the greedy ones. There are those of us that are grateful for this opportunity to better our community, to bring development, revenue and infrastructure to our hometown that is dying.

John Riggi, you may have your view that Apex “pretends” to care about the community, but what have either of you done to bring new development here? Why would you criticize a company that is allowing children and their families a free meal at soccer games, presents on Christmas morning, food for the needy…not to even mention the substantial revenue a potential wind project could bring to our town and school system, both of which could desperately use it?!

Just because you don’t want to look at them!  Now who is being greedy?!

Lighthouse Wind supporters include leaseholders and others who care about the town’s prosperity and future. The Town of Yates needs to remain open minded and embrace opportunity before it is too late.

Linda Fisk