Yates councilman says recent statements from NY leaders give communities hope against unwanted turbine projects

Posted 26 September 2017 at 3:23 pm


The tide has turned in Albany. The massive outcry of The People against unwarranted, unwanted and destructive industrial wind turbine emplacement projects has finally reached the hearts, minds and ears of Albany’s powerbrokers.

One after another upstate, rural New York towns joined the chorus of discontent and anger and it has finally paid off. Two significant events in the last week have signaled a significant shift in Albany’s public position on the imposition of industrial wind turbine emplacement projects against the will of the people.

Article 10 is the New York State statute that allows companies like APEX Clean Energy to use the map of New York State as a “dartboard” with which to impose their destructive, unwanted product on a populace that has been excised from the decision-making.

I am now happy to report that, although Article 10 is still in place, the Albany decision-makers are no longer eager to impose these projects on an unwelcoming populace. For example:

Last week, Public Service Commission Chairman John Rhodes addressed the Independent Power Producers of New York Inc. Fall Conference in Saratoga Springs. During the presentation, the Manhattan Institute’s Robert Bryce, asked Mr. Rhodes if the state was going to force large-scale wind projects on communities and if the Article 10 siting process was stacked against those communities. Mr. Rhodes responded: “No it’s not a stacked process and no, not under this Governor are we going to force people in a police state mode to do anything.”

Hallelujah! The words we have all been waiting for! New York State and Governor Cuomo are now saying that they are NOT going to force the Lighthouse Wind Project down our throats and it’s because we’ve stated loud and clear that we don’t want them!

Also, Lieutenant Governor Hochul spoke at the North Country Regional Economic Development Council Meeting at SUNY Potsdam.

A councilmember informed Ms. Hochul that the council unanimously supported keeping Fort Drum a regional priority when siting industrial wind turbine projects. “We are aggressive in protecting our bases,” Lieutenant Governor Hochul said. “It’s the jobs, it’s the impact on the community and also … it’s protecting our nation’s defense.”

Ms. Hochul was also asked about industrial wind turbine projects elsewhere in the North Country. Lieutenant Governor Hochul confirmed that addressing community needs was important. “We’re committed to clean energy and reducing our reliance on outside fossil fuels, but we’re also very sensitive to the needs of the communities, and we’ll always strike the right balance,” she said.

Again, a clear indicator from Albany’s most influential powerbrokers that New York State is not a “dartboard” for Industrial Wind Turbine purveyors such as APEX Clean Energy and that the lives of the people of New York State are more important to Albany than any industrial wind turbine emplacement project.

Bravo Governor Cuomo!

Our next steps are to remain vigilant and vocal in ensuring that Albany continues to appreciate the unwavering defense of our community.

So, the next shoe to drop is APEX Clean Energy.

To APEX principals, Mr. Mark Goodwin, Mr. Sandy Reisky, Mr. Jim Trousdale and Mr. Steve Vavrik:

We have been telling you, for years, that you are not wanted here and now Governor Cuomo and Albany have seen the light.

You need to take your intrusive, destructive industrial wind turbine emplacement project and LEAVE US IN PEACE!

Thank You,

John Riggi

Councilman, Town of Yates