Yates conservative candidate vows to push for tax decrease, fight ‘turbine giants’

Posted 18 September 2017 at 7:42 am


Now that the primaries are over, it is on to the November 7th elections. As a conservative, I did not have to fight for my position on the ballot but nonetheless I have been fighting for you at town meetings to sway the board’s decisions on the upcoming budget in the direction of a tax cut for the Town residents.

Between now and utopia the only way I can see to reduce the crushing burden on our residents is to reevaluate how things have been done for years and cut spending. Many of the suggestions are totally doable. It just will take the courage of the board to implement the fresh ideas. I’m here to help always.

We will be losing our only farmer left on the board and if elected can assure the farming community that with myself in that position I will protect the right to farm in this community. As farms are growing and truck traffic is increasing, not to mention odors. I will be an ally and someone who you can voice your concerns to. I will help you all I can. I will help to preserve our culture and way of life that is unique to the town of Yates and Lyndonville. Farming, hunting, fishing, the Second Amendment and the right to be left alone to pursue happiness.

We will continue to help battle the wind turbine giants that have turned this community upside down and are forcing themselves upon our Town despite being rebuked over and over again by the citizens that can see through this scam being perpetrated on Towns all over this state. They picked the wrong Town to mess with. We, together, will fight them and we will win.

I want to encourage young and all citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit that want to start businesses to take that dream and give it a shot. Right here in the town of Yates. This is something government can not do for you. It is up to you.

If elected I will help all I can to try to remove regulations and red tape at the town level to pave the way and get government out of your way so you can conduct business and contribute to the tax base. The answer to a vibrant town is you. It always has been. Believe in yourself.

With my long-term regular attendance at meetings and attending workshop meetings I will be ready at the January meeting to take the oath of office, pledge my fidelity to the constitution and hit the road running to work for you the citizens of the town of Yates.

I will, as I have said before, do this job for no pay. I believe in this service that much. We need a change up on the board. Help me help enhance this on November 7th. I ask for your vote. I will be on the conservative and independent line.

Paul Lauricella Jr.

Town of Yates candidate for councilman.