Yates candidate states reasons for seeking elected position

Posted 30 May 2017 at 9:04 am


Hello, my name is Paul Lauricella Jr. I am running for a Councilman position on the Town of Yates Board. Some of you know me from regular attendance at my Town and County Legislature meetings.

For those of you who don’t, I’ll give a short biography. I moved out here in Orleans County with my wife of 39 years and 4 children in 1989. Shortly after that we started a used auto parts business that thrives to this day. I am an active member of SCOPE. I was a member of the Lyndonville Lions Club for about a decade before leaving to join the revived Orleans County Conservative Party. All of my children graduated from Lyndonville Central School and went on to hold jobs and be productive members of society. I am truly proud of my family. I feel it’s time to give back to my Town and the many great people that live in it.

I want to help the people of the Town of Yates. I have a good sense of what is going on here and what the members of our community want. I want to help our all-volunteer fire departments to stay viable and make sure that they have and get what they need to continue this selfless service. They are the men and woman that go out when the call comes in at any time of day or night, in any kind of weather to help those they know and complete strangers. Never knowing what they are going to encounter or see. Our Town would be in serious trouble without them and I will support them 100%.

I do not support the industrial wind project that has divided our Town now for 3 years. I will support a continuing moratorium on Met Towers in the Town of Yates. I do not support Governor Cuomo’s

fantasy green agenda to destroy the beauty and value of our property. We have the cleanest source of power in our backyard with Niagara Falls and a convertible to natural gas power plant right here in Summerset. Six hundred foot wind towers make no sense.

I will seek to welcome and support business in our Town and help to seek plans to raise the tax base. Our Town has a lot to offer. I will watch how your hard-earned tax dollars are spent and hold those who receive them to a higher standard. Checking invoices and vouchers to make sure everything is in order before payment is rendered.

As a conservative I will seek no pay for this councilman position. I will not take any mileage or vouchers. I will not seek any medical insurance. Nothing. I have my own income and I have always felt a Town seat is an honor to have and no pay should be given. I would like to see the $3,259.75 for a councilman’s salary be used for our Fire Department budget if that is at all possible.

If I am elected I will be available for all Town Meetings and not take months off for the winter or hit and miss meetings. I will take my duties seriously. I will defend the second amendment and bill of rights first and for most.  The town of Yates has been good to me and my family and I want to give back now. I would appreciate your vote in November on the Conservative line.

Paul Lauricella Jr.