Yates candidate responds to letters about his Jan. 6 participation, says he was protesting voter fraud

Posted 4 November 2023 at 5:47 pm


Greetings, I would like to respond to letters to the editor of Orleans Hub. First, I publicly announce my sympathy for John Fredericks of Albion I want to inform him that the Bible warns of the different types of fools. I pray that he would read the U.S. Constitution and the first 15 pages of the US Congressional Record of January 6th, 2021. Then may God open his eyes to his folly.

Next I would like to address a response to the incumbent Town of Yates Councilpersons’ letter to the editor boasting of their accomplishments. It reads like a word salad. Lots of vague words with no numbers which are the meat and potatoes.

As for the bio-digester, did not the first study show that there are not enough cows to be profitable? I believe it did. To the Town of Yates voters, why spend tax dollars on a fool’s errand? $3,750 was not enough for the current Town of Yates Board who wants to continue to spend contradicting the NY Republican mission of common sense and trying to end NY’s status as the highest taxed in the nation.

Not enough cows to be profitable obviously will not deter the current incumbents who want the Town of Yates taxpayers to pay for grants to see if we add organic garbage to the bio-digester numbers if that would be profitable.

Here is the non-Republican policy: It not only would cost the Town of Yates taxpayers but every other American taxpayer. The grant writers to be paid for by the Town of Yates & the Town of Somerset taxpayer and the $1 million research money they seek would be provided by every other American taxpayer. How does that fit into the Republican mission?

Another thing: Republicans are to be business-friendly. Isn’t the Town of Yates in a court case with a local agricultural business over the use of that business’s property? Isn’t that litigation costing the Town of Yates Taxpayers tax dollars? How can you boast of being friendly to the local businesses such as those in agricultural when your actions are hindering a local agricultural business that other local agricultural businesses depend on? This fact also shows that the current Town of Yates board has abandoned the Republican mission.

I am overtaxed. I am sick and tired of the government spending my money on foreigners and follies of a few. I am tired of the government getting into the private lives of citizens. I want more savings and less spending in government.

I want the government out of private affairs. I ask every voter to exercise the right to vote, but vote wisely. Don’t vote for picked winners. Do not be tricked into giving your consent for constant spending.

Now some facts about DC, and Jan. 6. Yes some DC officers died but not because of protestors. Some of the Capitol police that died did so by suicide – I allege maybe because they attacked peaceful protestors. Also one Capitol policeman died from a stroke, an unseen health problem.

There is proof that the 2020 elections were unconstitutional, my argument. President Trump recently submitted a motion to a GA court to present evidence of alleged voter fraud in the 2020 elections. To say that policemen were killed by peaceful patriotic protesters is misinformation. WI Sheriff of Racine County Christopher Schmaling found election fraud proving that there was election fraud. To say there was no election fraud is misinformation.

As for me, I will continue to inform the public that the 2020 elections were unconstitutional in several states and the entire US Government had an obligation to investigate but did not. If the de facto government is what I have to deal with then I will deal with it with the rule of law. Given an opportunity I can prove my prima facie case. The truth is the truth. I give public notice that I am not in prison, jail or under indictment because I did nothing wrong. I am a registered Republican who would use the party’s mission statement to govern.

I never claimed to be the endorsed Republican candidate. I stated I am a registered Republican and Mr. Lauricella is a registered Conservative. The endorsed Republican candidates in my opinion do not act like Republicans. They use the Republican name as a disguise, camouflage.

Words without works are dead. That’s why Paul Lauricella and I are running for Town of Yates Councilman seats because we want accountability. We are business-friendly, we have common sense, we are for limited government, lowering taxes, priorities first spending, and putting the taxpayers first.

Town of Yates voters. On November 7th, vote for your wallet and for limited, common sense town government. As for myself and Paul Lauricella, we need your vote. We need you to hire us. Give us the job of benefiting you the taxpayer.

Steven A. Colon