Yates candidate disputes claims by Town Board as financial stewards

Posted 2 November 2021 at 9:24 am


True Fact. The Yates Town Board was just talking about needing a new 10 wheeler for highway at the last meeting and said, “Maybe we could pursue a grant.” That does not sound like there’s money enough to buy one. They couldn’t even pay outright for the mower. If there is all this money you say in the Highway account then pay off the mower and pay cash for a new truck. Now!

True Fact. You are mincing words. The bookkeeper made an $86,000 error. A lot of errors. Call it a deficit or an overdrawn account. The fact is A account is short the money and it is a fact that that the tax payers have to replace it. It’s in the comptroller’s report, I did not make it up. The $14,000 that Town is paying for software for the bookkeeper’s private firm came directly out of the town supervisor’s mouth at a town meeting a few months back when I asked him the question including “I am the supervisor I get to pick the bookkeeper” and you are not being quite truthful about Mr. Hungerford’s bid being higher. It was lower and the software was included at a cost of about $500 he pays it. You do admit that the town is paying for software for this private firm – $4,000, $3,100 if that’s true it’s still a waste of taxpayer money and do you intend to pay for software for all the private business in town now that you have set precedent?

True Fact. You had a contract agreement with the fire department. You refused to pay the agreed sum. The village even looked into taking legal action. You broke the contract for 2020 -2021. You can spin it any way you want but the truth is the truth. Ask a Fireman. To make this even worse you sign Mr. Chaffee’s name to your letter. He has only been a board member for 4 months. Has never been to a workshop or town meeting in his life before he switched from no party affiliation to Republican a couple of years back (both candidates running are party switchers to get the Republican endorsement) so he could be put on the Republican committee and thus be placed on the town board replacing the early retiring Mr. Whipple before his term was up. (See how they do that.) Nobody knows exactly what he stands for except a yes vote to everything.

I on the other hand have been at most every meeting dating back to 2007 and at workshops for years. I know what’s going on. Why would the elected officials be afraid of me being on the board? Maybe you don’t want to be held accountable. Maybe you are afraid of my bold honesty. Maybe I will be joining you soon.

Whatever happens I promise I won’t go away. Get out and vote for Paul Lauricella Jr. candidate for Yates Town Board.


Paul Lauricella Jr.