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Contributed Story Posted 24 April 2014 at 12:00 am

Spring Indoor Volleyball

This is the last week before our B and C division playoffs. Most playoff matches were already set but one was undecided.

Starting off with our always fun C division, Set on the Beach took on Misfits, which was a playoff preview. The first game was a blowout as Set on the Beach’s Keith Ward served an astonishing 20 times to lead to a 25-5 victory. The next two games were kept close, as Misfits’ Adam Graff made diving, leaping saves to keep his team afloat. It wasn’t enough though as Set on the Beach took the match 3-0 with a score of 75-43. Both of these teams face off against one another next week.

Next was another playoff preview as 1st seed Main Liquor took on 4th seed Just Us. From the get go Main Liquor took control and ran with it. The return of Nicci Moore to the lineup helped propel Liquor to quick 3-0 win with a 75-48 score. Moore had a plethora of moonshot sets for her team.

Moving on to our B division, Bridget’s Bashers took on Dem Apples in the quickest set of games ever seen. Bridget’s came to play as Jamie Glass and Cory Lewis went to work on Dem Apples with vicious spikes and kills. They crushed Dem Apples 3-0 with a score of 75-23. Bridget’s was making a statement that they will be a force to be reckon with come playoff time.

In our next match Baxter took on Eddie’s Block Party. With the absence of Eddie Bower, Eddie’s Block Party suffered but prevailed. Baxter put on a strong showing but they were only able to take one game from the opposition. Marty Slack was the driving force behind Eddie’s, as Slack scurried around the court like a squirrel hoarding food. Slack rallied his team every time they were down and kept barking orders at his team.

In our last match of B division defending champs Cupcakes took on arch rival Victorious Secret. This was the game of the night because the winner would get first place in the regular season. Cupcakes were ready to 3-0 Secret like they did earlier this season. Secret had other plans, as Dan Anderson had a ridiculous save by diving into the curtain to save a point. Anderson’s face was red as lipstick from the stress. Secret’s Aaron Ward was dominating as crushed rocket spikes. Steve Crane of Cupcakes tried to rally his squad, with a number of clutch digs, but it was too much as Secret made a statement winning 3-0 with score of 75-62. With that win Victorious Secret takes first place in the season but expect Cupcakes to bounce back and meet them in the finals.

Going over to our A division, which saw playoffs begin with T-Shirts Etc taking on Mustangs. In a lackluster first game T-Shirts were able to best Mustangs by digging all sorts of spikes and frustrating Mustangs. The next game Tim Lincoln of Mustangs took over and dominated with his insane jump serve, leaping like a cougar after prey. He served it ten laser aces. This run led Mustangs to 25-23 victory in game two. In game three each team went up but the other team didn’t want to go away. Mustangs, down 18-24 battled all the way back but were unable to pull off the comeback as T-Shirts won 25-23.

Winning the match and moving on to the next round where they play undefeated Zacher Construction. The game started with a back-and-forth 11-11 tie but Ben Wadhams of Zacher served them into victory winning 25-12. The next game wasn’t much different, with Brian Kemp of T-Shirts trying to keep up with Zacher but it just wasn’t in the cards as they were bounce from the playoffs. Zacher moves on to play in our championship game and a chance at an undefeated season.

In our last playoff match of the night, 2nd Seed SWAT TEAM took on 3rd seed Bumpin Uglies. Adam Tower and Zach Beecher came out strong leading SWAT to a 20-14 victory. Tower and Beecher combined for a vicious set-spike. Ryan Stephens and his team battled back but still dropped the first game 25-19. Next game Cliff Brown and Bumpin Uglies came out swinging but SWAT had the teamwork to match their strength. Solid teamwork prevailed as SWAT won game two 25-16 to advance to the finals. Finals are next Tuesday at 7pm. Will SWAT Team pull the ultimate upset or will Zacher Construction complete their undefeated season?

Youth Soccer

The kids were back this week, and everyone was definitely having fun. Our 4-6 year old started out playing an amazing, awesome game. The game was close and all of the kids showed great skill and effort. The game was highlighted by Calvin Dent, who dribbled around defenders like he was point guard in the NBA. He also had the lone goal in the first game, drilling a laser into the lower-righthand corner for a goal. The game finished 1-0. Hannah Fox also showed off some deft dribbling moves, as she tore down the court like a runaway rhinoceros.

In our 7-9 age group, Anthony Bowmen took over from the start. He looked like a track star, running around and getting to every ball no matter what. The speedster helped led his team to 3-0 victory by scoring 2 goals. Amari Soule led his team with a solid defensive effort, kicking away entry passes and eliminating the opposing team’s offense. Soule had a flurry of thunderous kicks which led to offensive chances.

Lastly our 10-12 age bracket had a defensive battle in their game. Cole Smith wasn’t letting his team down. He played every position possible, showing a selfless effort as he distributed passes to teammates and ran down loose balls. Smith added 2 goals to lead his team to 2-1 victory. Brayden Velia demonstrated a ridiculous spin move, whizzing around like a top to evade various defenders and then thread the needle with a quick pass.