‘Y’ Co-Ed Volleyball League in action

Contributed Story Posted 1 November 2014 at 12:00 am

Orleans County YMCA Happenings

Co-Ed volleyball is back in action for nother week of competition at the Orleans County YMCA. Team’s battled for position as we hit our mid season point. Some teams continued to dominate opposed to others that continued to free fall.

Without further due we will start with our C division. My Loving X took on Bumper Cars. This was an intense game because My Loving X split from Bumper Cars after last season. Adam Graff came out on fire with his jump serve being on point. Half of his serves ended without an opposing player even touching them. Paula Welker finished off the game with solid play, setting up her team’s spikers.

Game two was a blowout from the start as My Loving X cruised to a 25-4 victory. During game three, Nathan Metz tried to put all of Bumper Cars on his shoulders as he served 8 straight times to get his team a 10-2 lead. They couldn’t keep up that pace as My Loving X settled it themselves and made the comeback, winning game three and the set 3-0 with a score of 75-42.

Now let’s move on to our next match up. Spiked Punch, looking for their first win, took on V8 Launchers. Today was not the day for Spiked Punch. V8 Launchers played a strong first game with a 25-9 win. The next game, V8 Launchers had the biggest win in our league’s history as they won 25-1. Spiked Punch came out strong for their third game, but couldn’t pull everything together as they fell to a respectable 25-15. V8 Launchers then took the match 3-0 with a score of 75-25.

In our next match, Sets on the Beach took on defending champions, Main Liquor. It was an ugly set of games as Main Liquor completely destroyed Sets on the Beach. In the first two games alone, Sets on the Beach was not able to score over ten. The collective group of Main Liquor was just too much for them as they steamrolled to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-23.

On to our final match of C division, Kiss My Ace took on Serves You Right. Kristin Culver served all over the place in game one, but Serves You Right stuck it out and was able to squeak out game one 25-23. In game two, Kiss My Ace got back on track with Sara Page and Beth Schoberlein taking charge and leading their team to victory. Kiss My Ace was able to take the last two games, winning the set 2-1 with a score of 75-62.

Jumping up a division, we move on to our B division. In our first match, Mundion Watts looked to get back on track taking on Smart Bumps. With a surprise appearance of Mike Crane filling in for Mundion Watts, this team looked poised to take all three games. In the first game, Heather Schrader connected with Matt Mundion for ridiculous slams to set the tone. It was all Mundion from there as they won the first game 25-18.

In game two, we had a barn burner from the start as both teams went back and forth with no team gaining more than a two point lead. It was Smart Bumps that was able to outlast them as they barely won the game 26-24. So it all came down to game three. Both teams gave it their all but Mundion Watts pulled away late and took the game and match 2-1 with a score of 74-65.

Moving on, first place Victorious Secret looked to extend their lead as they took on Bridget’s Bashers. This one was all Secret from the start. Sam Roskowski was on point setting up both Riley and Zack Welker for devastating spikes. Jason Cogovan and Jamie Glass fought back the whole set but were unable to secure a win for Bridgets. Victorious Secret ran away with this one as they cruised to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-42.

In our final match of B divsioin, We Showed Up took on 2nd place How I Set Your Mother 2. With half of How I Set Your Mother 2 struggling tremendously, We Showed Up lived up to their name as they took game one and game two. Abby Button connected with Adam Hellwig multiple times to help them win those first two games. With their backs against the wall How I Set Your Mother 2 dug deep and destroyed We Showed Up game three. A great effort by everyone helped them win the final game but they still fell 2-1 with score of 60-64.

Finally our A division got underway Tuesday night. Zacher Construction drew the short straw and had to play the double header. In their first match up, they took on T-Shirts Etc. Without their regular guys, T-Shirts struggled to have an offense as most of their hitters were absent. Their defense was still on point, but there wasn’t much else they could do. Zacher lit them up with a frenzy of spikes. As Zacher Construction steamrolled them in a 3-0 with score of 75-49.

In the second match, Shockers 2 came alive as they took on Zacher Construction. Only playing with five, Shockers 2 had a rough first game as they had to adjust to playing down one person. Game two was the match of the week, as both teams went back and forth. Nate Ralph was a force as he destroyed the ball with his serves and spikes. This lead to Shockers having an 8-2 lead. This was quickly erased by Zacher as a collective group. As the game went on, the score stayed between one and two points until we got 24-24. Bill Maryniak stepped up as he crushed a few spikes to help them win the game 28-26. They went on to win the match 3-0 with a score of 75-64. We will be back next week with more action.

Youth Soccer
Soccer is back this week with more fun action as 4-6 year olds got their game underway. Lillian Maynard was force to be reckoned with on the field, as she dribbled around opposing defenders like they weren’t even there. She shot all over the place but was unsuccessful in putting in a goal. On the other hand, Bryson Ford was successful as he shot in his first goal of the session. It was a great goal for everyone.

In our next game, the Panthers took on the Sharks. Ethan Page of the Panthers was darting everywhere, killing the opposing defense. He scored two goals as the Panthers won the game but let’s give an honorable mention to Luke Duffina. He was everywhere, and played stellar offense along with lockdown defense. This was all very impressive for a 6 year old playing with the older kids.