WXXI-TV highlights Lyndonville’s character education program

Posted 12 November 2015 at 12:00 am

Provided photos – WXXI-TV met with Lyndonville students on Tuesday to hear about the school district’s character education program.

LYNDONVILLE – Lyndonville Central School District’s character education program will be featured on WXXI-TV’s Need to Know news and public affairs program.

The district has adopted the innovative We R 3C program to help students develop positive behaviors when interacting with each other. The goal is for students to be active participants in creating caring communities – the three Cs in the We R 3C program.

WXXI-TV host Helene Biandudi-Hofer and videographer Martin Kaufman visited Lyndonville MS/HS on Tuesday to record video of students participating in program lessons and to interview students about their experiences. The segment profiling Lyndonville will air on WXXI-TV sometime in January or February.

“It was great to hear students talking about the importance of community and appreciation for self and others,” Biandudi-Hofer said. “The connections students have been able to make with their peers and teachers through a program focused on character development is a great story that should be told.”

WXXI visited Kevin Lasky and his seventh-grade students.

The WXXI television camera captured seventh-grade students in Kevin Lasky’s classroom as they broke into small groups and shared what makes each of them unique as people. The purpose of the lesson is to learn the meaning of respect by recognizing the value of others.

“We R 3C is a groundbreaking way to help our students develop good habits and reinforce the strong character traits that the Lyndonville community is known for,” said Lyndonville Superintendent Jason Smith.

“We R 3C is dedicated to building and sustaining caring communities through programs which develop and celebrate respect, kindness and compassion,” said We R 3C program founder Bart Dentino of Genesee County. “Lyndonville’s students and staff have embraced the program and seamlessly integrated the lessons to build strong relationships in the school community. It’s exciting to watch.”