Writer’s reasoning seems clogged by all the Trump, MAGA misinformation

Posted 19 June 2024 at 2:37 pm


I just read a letter from an obviously pro-Tump, pro-MAGA writer. It claimed to be fighting against a corrupt, evil, insidious plot against democracy. However, it did not give any solid facts or offer to provide them.

It did not back up claims with explanations of the decisions from the Courts he brands as corrupt, including the US Supreme Court which has frequently decided against Trump.

It did not bring up any new information about election fraud and ignored the election audits which were paid for by the Republican Party and the Trump campaign organization. They examined the machines and did recounts of results from huge cities and even some states – sometimes even breaking machine seals illegally.

It ignored reports from Trump appointees, including the Attorney General, who were in charge of ensuring that the vote was done properly. It ignored the transcripts of the testimony given by the various lawyers for Mr. Trump who have been disbarred. They in particular had full hearings at which they could have introduced their evidence.  Unfortunately they had none and paid the price for not doing any fact-checking homework. Their suits were bankrupt and Republican judges gave them and several lawyers licensed the boot.

The writer did not claim to have read and certainly did not mention exhibits, audits, affidavits, testimony, and Trump official statements which debunk his shotgun condemnation.

The problem with this election is that no one cares about facts. I am sure he thinks I, for example, am a low-information voter.  In truth his letter was based on the exact anger I indicated is the current Republican and MAGA approach to politics. (I personally have to admit today’s debt figures show the deficit is up but due to CBO days, its fallout of COVID and Trump tax cuts and not giving Biden his budget. Some tax cuts for the elites will expire next year.)

(Now I really want to see if Trump is a debate no-show like all the threatened suits he never filed about his sexcapades. I hope he shows up and repeats for example his tariffs pitch. If you recall from high school it was the US Smoot Hawley Act on tariffs that caused prices to spiral uncontrollably and threw the world into the Great Depression. But he is a moving target always overloading us with misinformation so we will have to see what he claims to have said or think on debate day.)

Sad. The writer condemns the “elites.” I rail against them as much as he does. They are the force now moving the GOP to serve their interests, not ours.

Very truly yours,

Conrad F. Cropsey