Writer willing to debate climate change, wants to see facts on warming planet

Posted 12 February 2019 at 1:41 pm


This is in response to my neighbor, Andrew Remley, and in defense of my position on “climate change.”

Firstly, I challenge Andrew’s assertion that there is “overwhelming” scientific research. Can he elaborate? He says that the “planet is warming.” Can he please provide data on this?

Second, I don’t watch Fox News. Sorry, but I don’t subject myself to any cable news network, save for One America News, which is a subscription. Please don’t judge me based on your own opinion about where I get my news from.

Is Mr. Remley accusing me of anti-Semitism? Wow. I’m a practicing Traditional Catholic, and the Old Testament is a part of my Bible. And is Mr. Remley accusing me of “ranting” or thinking (and researching) for myself? Mr. Remley obviously doesn’t know a “rant” when he sees it.

Is it because I’m a female conservative, going after globalism and the new religion of “Climate”?

And does Mr. Remley think this was one “Google search”? I’m not that stupid, but you presume to understand where I’m coming from.

Is Mr. Remley a scientist? “Decades of Science Research”? By whom, exactly? And don’t lazily go to NOAA, NASA and the IPCC. That’s just deflection and truly unbecoming of someone who disagrees with what I’m talking about. Be specific. Where’s the evidence of “global warming”?

And we, as a species are going to die if we “do nothing”? Pride much, my friendly adversary?

I propose a challenge, a real debate, in public. If Mr. Remley is so confident, perhaps he can handle his arguments that we are in dire peril because we exist. Name the venue, and I’ll be there. And be prepared to truly defend your position. Because I am.

With respect,

Kimberly Kennedy