Writer tries to clarify statement on country’s high Covid death rate

Posted 27 August 2020 at 5:09 pm


The very last sentence of my last post should have read: “I believe the extreme right wing has become a force for evil and the mostly Republican politicians who ride their coat tails should be ashamed of themselves.”

I absolutely do stand by my use of the word “evil”. For the last month New York State’s daily death rate has been less than 10. NYS’s population is almost 20 million. The USA total is about 320 million.

If the rest of the country had done what NYS did (credit Cuomo here), the country’s daily death rate would have been a bit less than 200.

Instead the national death rate has been about 1,000 a day. I believe the force behind the death of the additional 800 is evil.

Dennis Seekins