Writer showed ‘fake moral outrage’ with rebuke of Conservative Party chairman

Posted 17 August 2021 at 2:12 pm


Mr. Cropsey, I’m not going to stand for your false interpretation of what you think I wrote in both letters.  Biden and his administration from the DOJ and across the board have shown no regard for our laws since he took office.

At the very least they pick and choose. They believe they are the law. They have also bungled everything they have touched from immigration, economy, jobs, energy, crime, Afghanistan, spending, the pandemic. You name it, they made it worse. That’s undeniable.

Please spare us all with the fake moral outrage. Where was your letter of anger when this administration made our military sleep on the floors of parking garages in the freezing cold after the unarmed capitol riot and the outrage when this administration, Democrat members of Congress called members of our military, the sons and daughters of Americans, racists and white supremacists?

The media that supports and defends everything Democrat and suppresses the truth from the American people and pushes politicized science. No thanks. I’ll take real media that tells the truth. Click here for a report from Fox News with facts about the issue.

Paul Lauricella


Mr. Lauricella is chairman of Conservative Party in Orleans County