Writer says he isn’t pretentious in offering opinions

Posted 12 March 2019 at 7:59 am


Mr. Wilson, whom is lecturing who? I merely responded back to your style of writing that is designed to make you look smarter than everyone else. I gave my perception of the business climate in this state as a businessman.

You may have not been targeted by anyone but there are too many who have. I find it to be delusional to think it does not happen. There is nothing pretentious here. I have read your letters and responses to letters, and one can only deduct from that ideological leanings.

You seem to seek out Republicans and Conservatives when you do respond. I have yet to see you disagree with anyone with left or far-left leanings as you claim to also disagree with. I never said you personally hated oil companies, go back and read. The picture painted, as you say, is one you drew.

One can see the same picture differently but my glasses are not rose-colored. Sometimes one has to look in the mirror. You claim to place free speech in a high regard but it seems only when it’s speech you agree with. You state to leave the messenger out yet your letters are laced with jabs and barbs. I find that hypocritical.

Did you ever think you may be wrong? I kind of doubt that. I myself won’t respond to any of your letters that I am not the subject of because honestly your opinions are too easy to refute, a total waste of valuable time and intellect. Handle it like a man and in the future show some restraint.

Paul Lauricella