Writer reiterates his support for driver’s licenses for immigrants

Posted 20 December 2019 at 7:48 pm


Mr. Bob Harker of Clarendon in a letter to the Orleans Hub called me out for my support of the Green Light Law. I would like to try and respond.

Each state has their own laws for issuing driver’s licenses. Eleven other states have laws similar to New York State’s Green Light Law. I am not sure what he means by licenses in New York State are not recognized federally. Licenses are the purview of the state. I don’t know what federal law the state is not following.

Mr. Harker then claims that I have “great knowledge” for requirements to obtain a license. The requirements are public and Mr. Harker could easily look them up himself then he would have “great knowledge.”

Finally, Mr. Harker asks why some DMV offices are not clear about all the legalities of the law? I suggest Mr. Harker ask the DMV officials why they are not prepared.

The New York Times reported (3/18/19): “It has long been an open secret in upstate New York that the dairy industry has been able to survive only by relying on undocumented immigrants for its work force.” Mr. Mike MaMahon, a dairy farmer from central New York, told the Times, “There are people out there who just say, ‘Send them all back and build a wall.’ But they would be facing empty shelves in the grocery store if that were to happen.”

Mr. Harker asks for civility in our responses. I would like to ask the same of Mr. Harker. When he sits down to his Christmas dinner, I would ask him to remember that undocumented (in his words illegal) immigrants are in large part responsible for the food on his table and the Christmas tree in his living room.

William Fine