Writer missed mark in criticism of American systems

Posted 25 March 2021 at 1:50 pm


I am compelled to write in response to Nicole Zelazny’s letter.

Ms. Zelazny regards our military as “predators” of America’s youth. Apparently she believes that we do not need a military – there are no threats to the US. We play nice – everybody plays nice, right? 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Iraq’s invasion of the oil fields and other such historical facts have been “cancelled” to better fit her naive concept of national security.

Iran is not building nuclear weapons. N. Korea does not have nukes designed to kill us. There are no folks out there that would sever an American’s head without a second thought just to create terror.

She also fails to note that we have an all-volunteer military. Is she saying that 18-year-olds can decide who to vote for, choose a college, get married and have a family, but are not smart enough to make the decision to join the military, get an education, and quite possibly a career? By 2024, 16-year-olds will most likely be voting as a result of partisan HR1. I’m thinking that proponents of this never had a 16-year-old living with them.

She then bashes those of us that believe in order to have a country, you must have a defined border. The over 7 percent covid positive people illegally (by definition) crossing our southern “border” do not have to quarantine like an American citizen returning to their own country. There is no contact tracing. No shots. No restrictions. They are allowed to just join the general public. Smart.

Four known anti-American terrorists have been stopped from entering the US in the last few months. We should have let them join the others that were NOT caught? The deepening crisis at our southern “border” is going to be a problem as long as we don’t enforce our laws. I am a strong supporter of LEGAL immigration that includes background checks. Why is it so wrong for us to know who is coming in, where they are going, and how they will support themselves?

Ms. Zelany goes on to bash the US banking industry and gives no better alternative. Have the past abject failures of other forms of government/monetary systems been canceled as well? We enjoy the most generous, giving, and open economy in the history of our planet. She seems to disdain personal wealth. Without wealth there is no charity. Without wealth there are no social programs. Again, those types of governments and monetary systems are available, just not here – yet.

I am NOT bashing public assistance recipients when I say that most people living “in poverty” in the US have flat screens, cars, and smartphones. They have a roof, warmth, and food unless they choose to live on the streets. Those are facts. Unfortunately today, people  put more emphasis on feelings than facts.

I’ve seen firsthand the difference in being personally responsible for one’s lot in life as opposed to folks that have been taken care of by “the nanny state.” It’s very unfortunate that we do have generational welfare. What motivates people to earn a living and be self dependent when all they’ve known is oppressive “welfare”?

Of course there are people in need. Am I wrong for offering a hand up instead of a hand out? She favors people who have never worked receiving the stimulus, though they have suffered no loss, and in the next breath faults me for claiming charitable contributions on my taxes. I give my time or money to causes I believe in. I resent being forced to give to causes I oppose through forced charity – AKA taxes and wasteful government programs.

She singles out Walmart and faults them for lobbyist activity – just like every industry does. Our own county uses lobbyists! She either does not realize or ignores the fact that Amazon wields its power through not only having over 2000 paid lobbyists, they use their web services to squash political discourse by denying an internet platform to those they don’t “like”. (Parler and other examples).

I might add that bloated government bureaucracy, a hallmark of the left, created the need for lobbyists in the first place. Walmart makes money. Is that wrong? I’m not sure where public assistance recipients go to find food that is not being sold for a profit other than charitable food cupboards (supported by working people). Walmart does not exert its political clout to silence conservative thought and discourse. They also employ more people than any other – except the bloated and wasteful US government. Ironic.

Ms. Zelazny apparently missed all the news about prison and criminal justice reform. Prison and jail populations are dropping rapidly just as she would like – in a fairly direct proportion to the increase in crimes of all nature.

Yes, I am old and “old fashioned.” Ms. Zelazny, you enjoy many benefits of living in this country today in large part because of the conservative beliefs and work ethic of us old folk. Enjoy them while you can, and you’re welcome.

Bob Harker