Woman gets 6 months in jail for grand larceny

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 31 August 2015 at 12:00 am

ALBION – A Medina woman was sentenced today to six months in jail and five years probation for fourth-degree grand larceny.

Carly S. Wells, 25, allegedly racked up $28,000 in fraudulent purchases and/or cash withdrawals on someone else’s credit card.

Special prosecutor Kevin McKain, Orleans County Court Judge James Punch and the victim in the crime agreed to $26,091 in restitution. Wells paid a $2,500 down payment by sentencing today.

“This has been a tremendous ordeal, not only financially,” McKain said about the impact on the victim from the crime. “She has been affected emotionally by this scheme.”

Wells did not speak during sentencing. Her attorney Kirk Okay said she has taken responsibility for the crime. He asked that she not be sentenced to jail.

“The sooner Carly can get back to work, the sooner restitution can commence and all concerned can move on from this episode,” the attorney said at sentencing.

Punch said Wells used “a series of deceptions” in obtaining the trust of the victim and then defrauding her of her money.

The judge said some jail time was necessary.

“You are completely self-centered and a user of people and a breacher of trust from people who have put their faith in you,” Punch said.

Wells will be required to pay back the money in 48 installments once she is out of jail.

In other cases in court today:

A Medina resident was given a conditional discharge and sentenced to time served in jail, a $200 surcharge and 6-month suspension of his driver’s license.

Jason Fidanza, 41, of Slade Road allegedly sold hydrocodone and another prescription narcotic in Ridgeway on June 18.

Orleans County District Attorney Joe Cardone said he was dismissing charges of third-degree welfare fraud and first-degree offering a false instrument against a Ridgeway woman.

Kathy Mungenast allegedly accepted $5,267 in welfare benefits she was not entitled to from July 1, 2012 to Nov. 30, 2013. She allegedly filed false paperwork to access those benefits, according to the District Attorney’s office.

However, the case proved difficult to establish how often Mungenast wasn’t home and visiting a boyfriend, Cardone said.

The judge arraigned an Albion man on third-degree grand larceny. Reilly D. Climenhaga, 28, of Gaines-Waterport Road allegedly stole $6,000 worth of jewelry and money from a house on Allen Road. The judge kept bail at $500.

The judge assigned Wesley Askew, formerly of Orleans County, as a level 3 sex offender, the highest possible risk for re-offending.

Askew, 47, has been in prison since May 2009 for second-degree rape. He is currently an inmate at Great Meadow Correctional Facility. He could be released as soon as Oct. 24.