WNY Energy’s ClearSource brand wins ‘Excellence in Energy’ award

Staff Reports Posted 2 November 2022 at 2:39 pm

Provided photos: The ClearSource brand includes pharmaceutical, industrial, and beverage-grade alcohol.

MEDINA – Western New York Energy last year completed a $38 million expansion to produce ultra-high-purity alcohol products under the ClearSource brand.

The company has been honored by the Merit Awards with an Excellence Award in Energy the advanced technology and distillation method to produce the ultra-high-purity alcohol products.

Tim Winters, CEO of ClearSource and WNY Energy, paired the distillation system with sustainable manufacturing practices for a higher purity product and lower carbon footprint.

“Our team is dedicated to making the best possible product and eliminating negative impacts that traditional distillation methods have on the environment,” he said.

The 6,000 square-foot expansion by WNY Energy allows the company to manufacture 15 million gallons of alcohol annually.

“While supplying alcohol for sanitizer during the pandemic, we made the decision to invest in a world-class distillation system to offer products that contain virtually no impurities,” Winters said.

ClearSource is distinguished by its commitment to the agricultural community and environment through zero-waste manufacturing “from crop to cocktail” that uses every bit of corn ground to produce alcohol products, food grade CO2, distillers’ grains and feed-grade corn oil.

“The goal of every New York distiller is to make sustainable, world class spirits, utilizing local grains and positively impacting agriculture and the communities around us,” said Brian Facquet, founder, Do Good Spirits. “ClearSource products embody this sentiment and will positively impact New York’s agricultural community while ushering in a new era of sustainable, local products.”

ClearSource specializes in pharmaceutical, industrial and beverage grades using a proprietary distillation system that produces ethanol with unprecedented levels of purity and consistency, including Grain Neutral Spirits and up to 200 proof products that are Kosher, organic and gluten free.

This state-of-the-art technology ensures New York’s largest ethanol facility can sustainably meet customers’ unique specifications.

ClearSource is determined to maintain a small business mentality. Customers work directly with sales and relationship managers dedicated to accommodating each customer’s specific needs.

Buffalo Distilling’s Mafia Sauce is made with alcohol from ClearSource.