WNY Energy marks 10 years of production on Dec. 1

Posted 30 November 2017 at 3:51 pm

Ethanol output is up 30 percent from start decade ago

File photo by Tom Rivers: Western New York Energy’s ethanol plant is located at the corner of Bates Road and Maple Ridge Road in Medina.

Press Release, WNY Energy

MEDINA – On December 1, 2007, Western New York Energy (WNYE) completed construction and began producing clean burning, homegrown ethanol at its $90 million facility originally designed to produce 50 million gallons of fuel grade ethanol per year.

Ten years later, the company has added additional capacity through further investment, implemented new production technologies, and improved production efficiencies to be an industry leader.

Also in the first ten years, WNYE formed a transportation subsidiary, Shelby Transportation, LLC, to fill a logistics need for smaller farmers and WNY feed mills.

Today, the plant is capable of producing 30 percent over its original nameplate design while running more efficiently. Since the beginning, Western New York Energy has partnered with NY corn growers to purchase as much corn locally as possible. WNYE is projected to grind almost 21 million bushels of corn in 2018.

Ethanol is a high octane, low emission fuel that is generally blended at a 10% or 15% rate in gasoline today (E10/E15). A recent USDA study shows that blending 10% ethanol in our gasoline today reduces harmful, cancer-causing emissions by 43%. The ethanol produced by Western New York Energy from grain grown by local farmers is the cheapest octane available and saves money for families and consumers at the pump every day.

The zero-waste ethanol production process produces several high-quality co-products in addition to fuel ethanol. No part of the corn kernel goes to waste. New York State prides itself on being a leader in the production of clean renewable energy and WNYE is proud to be doing its part towards that effort.

Western New York Energy began from John Sawyer, Jr’s vision of creating a business that would improve farming and agriculture in WNY. Following that vision, John and Michael Sawyer worked with a local ownership group and community leaders to build the first ethanol plant in NY resulting in an improved local corn market and agricultural economy.

Western New York Energy would like to thank all of our investors and employees for their faith, hard work and commitment over the past 10 years. As a proud and active supporter of our local community, we look forward to continuing our operations here in Shelby and Orleans County for years to come.

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