WNY Energy brings hybrid vehicle to Albany that runs on E-85 fuel

Photo provided by Sen. Ortt’s office: State Senator Rob Ortt, center, is pictured with Assemblyman Michael Norris, right, and WNY Energy CEO Tim Winters.

Posted 22 May 2024 at 1:09 pm

Press Release, State Sen. Rob Ortt

ALBANY –  State Sen. Rob Ortt today welcomed Western New York Energy CEO Tim Winters to the New York State Capitol.

Winters, leader of the ethanol plant in Medina, presented a new 2023 Ford Escape flex-fuel plug-in hybrid vehicle and educated members of the State Legislature about their technology aimed at reducing transportation emissions by using higher blends of low-carbon, renewable bioethanol (such as E85).

“Finding cost-effective, sustainable solutions that help the environment and consumers are key priorities for the Senate Republican Conference,” Ortt said. “I was proud to welcome Tim Winters and Western New York Energy, a small business in Medina, to Albany to highlight how they are finding innovative ways to reduce transportation emissions. Western New York Energy is a great example of how the private sector is working to provide affordable pathways to a cleaner environment.”

Western New York Energy, LLC is a locally owned company founded in 2004 to develop the full potential of Western New York’s renewable energy resources. Production at their facility began immediately after the completion of construction in November 2007. WNYE was the first biofuel plant in the Northeast United States and is currently the only large-scale facility in New York, producing over 63 million gallons of ethanol annually.

“Western New York Energy has been reducing harmful tailpipe emissions for almost 17 years,” Winters said. “We work with local, New York farmers to produce a clean, renewable bioethanol product that reduces emissions from gasoline alone by almost 50% today.

“We support the goals of the CLCPA, but an all-of-the-above approach is needed to achieve New York’s lofty climate goals. While other cost-prohibitive technologies need time to mature, we need a technology agnostic approach to reduce emissions today.

“We feel that New York legislators and regulators need to be focused on reliable, affordable, and achievable solutions to climate change rather than picking technology winners and losers. A prime example is budget-conscious low carbon regulations, similar to what has been implemented in California, Oregon, and Washington which have proven successful in lowering emissions while remaining financially responsible.

“Western New York Energy spearheaded this E85 PHEV car project to prove that there are options today that can show achievable emissions reductions for New York and leave a better future for our children.”

Assemblyman Steve Hawley issued this statement:

Western New York Energy’s PHEV uses low-carbon biofuels paired with hybrid technology to provide a reliable solution for emissions reduction. The car is on the leading edge of efficiency, getting 40 miles per gallon and a range of 450 miles on a single charge. Hawley is excited about the advancement of this technology and is proud to see the Western New York region take the lead on these important innovations.

“I’m proud of the work Western New York Energy is doing under Tim Winter’s leadership to lead the charge on sustainable transportation,” Hawley said. “Innovations like this are incredibly important to reduce emissions and create more green jobs. It was an honor to welcome them to Albany today and I will continue to work with my colleagues in the state Assembly to make sure businesses have the freedom to innovate and create more clean energy solutions.”