With Republicans powerless in NY government, turn to Libertarians

Posted 28 November 2020 at 10:11 am


Congratulations to the New York State Republican Party on becoming New York’s largest third party! With the incoming Democratic supermajority in the State Senate, the NYGOP has officially ceased to have any relevance whatsoever in state politics.

There is literally nothing they can do, now that the Democrats will be able to pass any and all legislation they want, including tax hikes on the middle and working classes, gun rights restrictions, and job-crushing regulations, all without fear of the Governor’s veto.

Democrats will also be able to redraw Assembly, Senate and Congressional districts however they please, since Republicans will no longer be able to obstruct the process or ensure a fair outcome, meaning more extreme gerrymandering to cement the Democrats’ gains and ensure Republicans never retake the State Senate.

The policies and tax burden driving residents away in record numbers will only get worse, forcing ever-increasing numbers of residents to move to other states.

How did this happen? It’s quite simple, really: the Republican Party has no values and nothing to offer this state. They have no ideas, no solutions, and no spine. They trot out a sacrificial lamb every four years to run against Cuomo and complain about how bad things are, then they disappear until the next election.

Worse yet, they voted with Democrats to give King Cuomo unlimited emergency powers to address the pandemic, which translated into a months-long lockdown that decimated small businesses and destroyed thousands of livelihoods. Republicans are just as responsible for this travesty as Democrats. If that’s how they legislate, then they deserve to be relegated to third-party status with zero influence on state politics.

Who then can stand in opposition to the Democrats’ disastrous policies that are driving New York State on a road to ruin? There is another party: the Libertarian Party, which is actually committed to making New York a better place to live.

America’s third-largest party is ready to emerge as the next major party and work with Democrats and Republicans alike to implement policies that will increase everyone’s access to the American Dream and achieve liberty and justice for all Americans.

Learn more about the Libertarian Party by clicking here or email ocnylp@gmail.com to get involved today.

The Libertarian Party is New York’s best and last chance to avert a calamity unparalleled in this state’s history, so what are you waiting for? The Republicans aren’t going to save you!

Change your party, change your vote. Join the Libertarian Party today!

Chase Tkach


Chair of Orleans County NY Libertarian Party