Winning candidate thanks Murray residents in District 4

Posted 27 September 2016 at 10:16 am


The primary election on Sept. 13 for the Town of Murray’s Republican District #4 Representative is much more significant than my winning the top spot. To me it confirms the absolute power of the voter. It restores faith in the American political system.

When voters turn out in great numbers, politicians sit up straight and realize it’s the voter who has the final say. Please don’t take for granted what was accomplished by your turning out in such great numbers and voting for your candidate. Town of Murray District 4 had the highest voter turnout in Genesee, Wyoming and Orleans counties on the day.

I am humbled to have been the top “vote getter” in this election. Your courage and confidence has propelled me into the political arena with great expectation. I promise to do my best for you as your Representative.

As Representative to the Republican Party for our district we should be in touch with one another, after all it’s your voice I carry upstream at this most fundamental level of government.  Please know I am always available to listen to and carry on your message.

Most importantly I wish to extend my most sincere appreciation to all of you who supported me throughout this most spirited primary. Those who took the time to alter their schedules to vote, those who stopped by the road to encourage me, advise me, invite me into your homes embracing me and not wavering in the face of adversity instilled in me the will to work for our community.

Please, let us not forget those 52 people who came to vote but were turned away at the polls. Their efforts were not in vain but added remarkably to the tenor of the election. Their voice was not silenced but heard just as clear as the others and they too deserve a great big thank you for their patriotic effort.

If we all give a little we can accomplish a lot!

Best to all,

Joseph Sidonio