Wind turbines don’t look like green energy compared to environmental toll from construction

Posted 20 November 2018 at 7:24 pm


Heritage Wind LLC/Apex Clean Energy is not-so-green energy for our towns of Barre, Yates and Somerset.

Do you know it takes tons of copper, steel, electric wires, underground cables, over-head cables, high-voltage tension towers made from steel, tons of concrete, steel mesh for the base of the wind turbine, access roads made of stone that have to be trucked in by the huge dump trucks that burn fossil fuel and heavy equipment to grade the areas of the wind project?

And please do not forget about the incidental permits that Heritage Wind/Apex Clean Energy need for construction and operation of wind turbine projects in New York State. Two of their permits will make it okay for Heritage Wind/Apex Clean Energy to kill endangered, threatened, migratory birds including eagles, owls, blue herons, bats, ducks, gulls, crows, hawks and more. Is that green energy?

It is time to call our elected town officials and tell them it is time to stand up for the health of our residents and wild life before the money of Heritage Wind/Apex Clean Energy.

Thank you.

William Nacca