Wind turbine opponents in Barre should be more respectful at Town Board meetings

Posted 23 August 2019 at 10:45 am


This letter is in response to Rev. Larry Eastlack. I, too, am proud to be a resident of the Town of Barre. I agree that the proposed Heritage Wind project has caused an uproar in the town, but not because of the leaseholders or supporters.

The truth is, the unrest in town has started from one side of this issue – those against the turbines. They have called me and fellow farmers unsophisticated, greedy, etc. They have attacked our Town Board time and time again, when they are working hard to get the best deal for the town.

We voted these men into office to lead our town, and it is a thankless job. They don’t deserve the insults and aggressive behavior they have endured. Just watch a video of one of the Town Board meetings posted from Know Your Facts USA  or the Town of Barre website, you will see that the opposition treats Apex staff, leaseholders, and the Town Board with absolute disrespect.

They yell and scream like children, and even stand on tables. They should have concrete proof to back up their allegations. With this behavior, we may need security at our meetings. This is not the Barre that I know and love.

I want to see this project happen because it has the potential to transform the Town of Barre into a leader in the future of green energy. The money this project will bring in will allow us to keep the agricultural landscape of Barre that we all know and love. This project will benefit all of us, which is why us supporters want to see it through. And yes, to lower taxes!

Charles Mathes