Wind survey results have no validity due to bias

Posted 21 October 2015 at 12:00 am


The “survey” about wind turbines only got an 80 percent against result? It should have been virtually 100 percent!

First of all, it was sent only to pre-selected residences: the hard core NIMBY’s along West Lake Road. Line all of SOS’s public pronouncements, it was not intended to reflect anything approaching the truth.

Why, SOS leadership? Didn’t you want the true affected population- the entire Town of Yates voters to participate in the “survey”? Who determined whether a select residence got one vote or two votes or three or four votes? The SOS leadership of course. Truthfulness was sacrificed to assure a pre-determined result.

Secondly, the format follows the infamous “push survey” format used by political hacks (ie: SOS leadership) throughout the country. The wording was incredibly biased against the windmill project and reflected the half-truths and outright propaganda SOS has been peddling since day one.

If any responsible public body gives any validity to this “survey” shame on them. The results belong in the waste basket, not the in basket.

The real survey will occur on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Thinking voters in the Town of Yates will be voting to retain John Belson as Supervisor, and to “bullet vote” to retain Wes Bradley as Town Council member. Even though there are two council vacancies, vote ONLY for one council member.

Fear Not The Wind.

Ralph Smith