Wind project supporter questions councilman’s analysis

Posted 4 May 2017 at 8:30 am


Once again I feel obligated to write a response to John Riggi’s questionable statistics in his most recent Letter to the Editor on PSC comments. For those who take a closer look at the data, you have a small number of opponents submitting numerous PSC comments. In the meantime, you have those same opponents and others using scare tactics and fear mongering to quiet anyone else from commenting publicly.

A quick review of SOS’s Facebook page shows several recent calls for more comments on the PSC site along with fear-mongering posts. The only reason I visit SOS’s Facebook page is to keep track of my opponents. Their Facebook tactics are quite transparent.

And again, I will remind Hub readers – when considering Mr. Riggi’s numbers, consider the number of hours normal folks work in a day, a week, or in a season. We are all given the opportunity to comment, but commenting at such a mind-bending rate requires a lot of time, a luxury many of us cannot afford.

After studying the PSC comments, yes John I too look at the comments, by my count, there are at least 10 opposition folks who have commented on the PSC website over 10 times. The most prolific poster has commented nearly 40 times – a collection that reads more like a private diary versus a public discourse. Over 50 percent of the comments have been submitted by a mere 40 households!

Using your own words John, all comments made to the PSC website regarding the Lighthouse Wind Project were included in the assessment and as stated, cover the time period from Q1-2015 through Q1-2017. “All comments were read fully in order to ascertain position regarding the wind project. The positions were tabulated as in favor or opposed to the project.”

I assume that you, John, did the reading and tabulating.  After reviewing your letter posted to the Hub, 18 Oct. 2016 and the letter posted 19 Apr. 2017, I find several numbers for and against have changed which changed the percentages! How can these numbers change when reviewing the same data?

Mr. John Riggi, I would like to remind you that you are new to this area. Many Lighthouse supporters have lived in this area for many years, raised their children here, and want to see our home towns thrive again. In reference to your letter of 12 April 2017, where you quoted Winston Churchill and referenced Nazi Germany to Apex employees and supporters, I want you to know that that type of rhetoric does not serve our community well.  Because you signed that letter, John Riggi Councilman, Town of Yates, I demand a public apology to your town constituents at the next Town Board Meeting. I respectfully call for a return to civil discourse.


Howard Pierce