Wind and solar are propped-up technologies pushed by a governor with presidential aspirations

Posted 8 February 2018 at 4:27 pm


I have read letters on the wind turbine project now for over 3 years. There are those I agree with and those I don’t.

I have never been embarrassed for anyone expressing what they truly believe and having the courage to publicly state it. What’s left of the 1st amendment guarantees that right. Whether or not it’s an ordinary citizen or an elected official making a fool of themselves, the reader decides.

As far as Apex donating to fireworks, food pantries, toy drives, the hungry, thirsty and downtrodden, these things have been handled by an extremely generous social services agency, Foundations, local organizations, churches, local and state taxpayers and an army of just plain good citizens – long before Apex came around. Some might say Apex is like a politician that comes around only at election time pandering for support. You decide.

Then there are the billions and billions of tax dollars that have been spent on both these poor-producing technologies – wind and solar – under the unrealistic premise that it will save the earth. The vanity of mankind is breathtaking.

On this path the only thing that will be left for future children and grandchildren will be a sad brainwashing and Third World living conditions. Without oil and coal there would be no wind or solar.

I am very thankful for fossil fuels and the great life they have given me. Even the poorest Americans are the envy of the world. Oil and coal are the engines that drive the world economy. A cleaner earth there will not be without fossil fuel use.

I have spent most of my adult life studying green energy and the forces behind it. It is a scam of monumental proportions – with a small army of dupes that believe in it like a religion. The doomsday predictions are always 30 to 100 years out. The predictions come and go with no calamity, yet the same shysters keep being held up as legitimate and they double down on the lie. He who controls the environment controls the population. Controls.

Let’s be honest. How many believe in this wind energy so passionately that they would put them on their property for no pay? How many have even a small wind turbine that they bought without a subsidy because they want to save the earth? That goes for solar, too. How many bought without the taxpayer backing?

The wind project push is about money for the land owners and to satisfy a deranged governor’s presidential pipe dreams. Will wind bring in businesses? I doubt it.

There are few businesses here in the village because there are few willing to take the risk and start one. How come Amish and Mennonites start businesses here? Because they have a work ethic. I believe that is what is lacking among us along with high taxes and regulation.

Please Look up Agenda 21. It is a progressive manifesto comprehensive plan detailing the Globalist’s vision for this century. Our cars are next on the environmental justice warriors’ hit list. Academia and Government are deeply infected. Our children are being brainwashed. You are, too.

Paul Lauricella