Wildlife Refuge accepting bids for haying program

Posted 25 June 2024 at 12:11 pm

Press Release, Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

BASOM – The Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge will offer for bid 71 acres of grassland hay in 2 fields of 50 and 21 acres.

The refuge annually provides approximately 1,100 acres of grassland habitat for migratory birds and resident wildlife. Active management of these grasslands is necessary to

provide the highest quality nesting and migration habitat. The refuge haying program helps in this management process by reducing encroachment of broad leaf weeds and shrubs.

Hay will be allocated on a highest bid per field basis for each field. Sealed bids will be accepted until close-of-business on Friday, July 5. An official bid sheet, available from the refuge headquarters, is required to make a bid.

Completed bid sheets can be mailed to the refuge headquarters at 1101 Casey Road, Basom, NY 14013 and must contain all the information requested.

If you have any questions about the haying program or would like to see the fields, please call Paul Hess at 585-948-5445 ext. 7032.